Lewis Northen Funeral Directors Welcome Easing of Funeral Restrictions

Lewis Northen Funeral Directors  Welcome Easing of Funeral Restrictions
Lewis Northen Funeral Directors Welcome Easing of Funeral Restrictions

Lewis Northen Funeral Directors have welcomed the news that from the Government that the legal limit of mourners at funerals is to be lifted.

As of 17 May, the rule of 30 mourners for a funeral in England will be removed as part of Step 3 of the roadmap.

Changes announced now mean that the number of who can attend a funeral will be determined by how many people the venue can safely accommodate with social distancing.

Changes made apply to both indoor and outdoor venues. Capacities of venues will vary, but many will allow significantly more than 30 people to attend.

Commenting on the news, Lewis Northen Funeral Directors  owner Lewis Northen said;

“The pandemic has been a devastating time for everyone.”

“ We welcome the news that the number of mourners allowed to attend funeral services is easing although the number allowed to attend isn’t unlimited at every location we welcome an increase on the 30 that has been in place for the last year.”

“People not been able to say a final farewell to loved ones has been really hard on the families across the country.”

“Although we must not get complacent and social distancing will most likely be in place for a very long time we hope we are heading in the right direction so everyone can pay their respects to loved ones at funeral services.”

NAFD Chief Executive Jon Levett said;

 “The NAFD warmly welcomes the Prime Minister’s decision to drop the 30-limit at funerals in England and for funeral attendance to be determined by the venue’s size.”

“Throughout the pandemic, the Government has made sure immediate families were able to be there to say goodbye to a loved one and this has always been valued.”

“But it’s critical that all those who are grieving are not forgotten in the reopening of society – and for many families, the current restrictions have meant telling people very close to the person that has died that they simply couldn’t be there.”

Mr. Levett is now also calling for the government to put some trust in the public. He wants to people given the chance to personal decisions when it comes to social contact.

He feels this will mean people can gain comfort from holding hands or giving a much-needed hug, to those who are isolated in their grief.

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