Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn First Aid

Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn First Aid
Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn First Aid

First aid saves lives! That is really the most powerful, and the only reason that should inspire one to want to learn first aid. Given how eight out of ten parents have admitted that they do not know the fundamental first aid skills during times of emergencies when they might have to save their child.

This goes to show how there is really a lack of light on the importance of first aid skills. Just think about all the types of accidents that young children can face on a typical day, and even from the spaces of their house; It’s a scary revelation to have.

Most people know the purpose of picking up first aid, but more often than not, we don’t take the next step to take some time out of our lives and go for first aid or health and safety officer course. Well, delay no further, because here are ten attractive and convincing reasons why you should learn first aid now!

1. You Can Save A Life

Fundamental first aid skills can make the difference in a life-death scenario. A survey by the Red Cross revealed that a whopping fifty-nine percent of deaths from severe injuries could have been prevented if first aid was administered before the arrival of the emergency paramedics.

This is a shocking statistic, and which all the more shows the value of being equipped with first aid skills; You never know when you might run into a situation where first aid skills are needed, and you’re the one who can save the victim’s life!

2. It Decreases The Period of Recovery

Administering first aid in times of an accident is so important, as this significantly impacts the chances of someone’s recovery. In the more serious cases, the contrast between having first-aid done or not can result in either a relatively shortened or significantly more long-lasting disability.

3. It Decreases Hospital Stay

As with the previous reason, intervening early with these skills can greatly decrease the period that the patient has to stay at the hospital. This shows the great impact that first aid has on a person’s recovery.

4. You Can Avoid Medical Situations from Worsening

Even if you may only know the basic first aid techniques, this is already so helpful in preventing a bad scenario from getting even worse.

When thinking about the example of a patient who is losing a lot of blood due to a deep gash, if left unattended, this patient could lose a significant amount of blood. But if someone can apply pressure using basic first aid skills, then they would already help heaps and bounds in entirely avoiding a medical emergency from fast deterioration and help in stabilizing the patient at least until professional medical help comes to the scene. 

5. These Skills can Decrease Unnecessary Hospital Trips

While only a small number of accidents means a trip to the hospital, they would all need some degree of medical attention. Small injuries like a bruised knee, sprained ankle, or bumped head, can definitely be better dealt with using proper medical procedures like the use of appropriate bandage, or reduction of swelling with an ice pack.

Such training would also teach you how to prioritize injuries so as to give the injured patient the best chances possible. Training would also enable you to better determine where a patient requires more care, as well as what extent of intervention they would need.

6. Proficient Skills can Decrease the Extent of Pain Felt by Patients

In an emergency scenario, knowing how best to respond can help you to remain calm in dealing with the situation. It is important for you to stay calm so as to best offer emotional support towards the casualty and help avert them from going into a panicked frenzy.

This is so important, as the casualty would need someone to render help in a calm manner. Furthermore, knowledge of how to move the injured person and administer proper bandaging or dressings can greatly help to reduce the extent of pain that they are experiencing.

7. Crucial Conveying of Information to Emergency Services

As you tackle the emergency situation in a calm manner, it is key that you remain by the side of the patient up till the arrival of the emergency paramedics. This means that you will need to convey the essential information of how the casualty got injured, as well as the crucial information regarding their condition over time. Such information is extremely important for the paramedics to render the most appropriate and effective medical services for the patient.

8. A Rise in Self-Awareness and Decreased Susceptibility to Incidents

With a good knowledge of first aid, you are effectively caring for yourself as you will inadvertently become more alert to any possible hazards and medical conditions to follow up on. This gives you greater capability to not only better care for your family and loved ones, but also for yourself!

9. Skills To Make You Empowered

Having first aid skills can give one the belief to tackle emergency situations when they unexpectedly occur. For instance, you will better know whether or not to physically move the injured casualty after an accident, or whether they should be left untouched until the emergency paramedics arrive. Remember, it is extremely crucial to handle injuries, especially those where their lives hang on a thread before even dialling for help.

10. First Aid Prepares You for Anything

Last but not least, being equipped with first aid skills keeps you prepared for the unexpected. We never know when we might be faced with a life-saving scenario that requires the crucial role of someone with first aid skills. No matter the type of medical situation that life can throw at you, having basic first aid skills can bring you greater confidence in tackling the situation more effectively.


In all, there are so many reasons why you should take up a first aid course today. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones and the greater community! We all know that first aid skills are important, but don’t just stop there; Walk the talk and equip yourself with such valuable knowledge today.

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