MP Discusses The 2021 A-Level Exams With Beverley Sixth Form Students

MP Discusses The 2021 A-Level Exams With Beverley Sixth Form Students
MP Discusses The 2021 A-Level Exams With Sixth Form Students

, MP has met virtually 6th form students from Beverley Joint 6th form to raise questions and discuss their concerns about the A-level exams they will be taking next year. 

The Prime Minister and Education Secretary have been clear that exams will go ahead in 2021.

Last week this was reconfirmed when the guidance to support the summer 2021 exams was published.

The government is clear that exams are the fairest and most accurate way to measure attainment.

The challenges this cohort faced and is facing have been recognised and the Education Secretary has written to Ofqual to begin working up contingency plans for any potential disruption.

Moreover, Ofqual has decided that grading will carry forward the overall generosity of 2020, to ensure the 2021 cohort are treated fairly, relative to their 2020 peers.

Graham said;

“It is always really important for me to listen to the views of my constituents. So this meeting was a great opportunity to hear from 6th form students in my constituency in order to understand and gain an insight into how they feel towards their A-level exams next year, given the current situation.”

“The students certainly raised some very interesting and important thoughts, concerns and questions about the 2021 A-level exams.”

“I have passed onto the Education Secretary, so I am very much looking forward to reading his reply.”

One of the students, Caitlin, said;

“I just wanted to thank Graham for taking the time to listen to us.”

“We all enjoyed the debate and are thankful that he gave us this opportunity so that our voices could be heard.”

“I hope it increased his knowledge of the views that students have on the exams in these unprecedented times.”

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