I Do Not Vote, I Do Not Understand It

I Do Not Vote, I Do Not Understand It
I Do Not Vote, I Do Not Understand It

I Do Not Vote, I Do Not Understand It – If I was given a pound every time I heard this or another similar reason I would be a rich man.

Voting is not a complicated thing and while you may think you do not understand it I can assure you do. In this day and age, we vote for all sorts of things, reality TV has seen to that.

An election is no different, we are simply asked to vote for a viewpoint that we like. As with all political elections, there are things which appeal to us as individuals and things that do not.

For example, if you have children who are attending school you will be aware of the issues schools face. How many times are you asked to help raise funds or purchase things to help boost their funding.

If you understand this, you will also understand that our schools need more support.

The same can be said about health care. When you want to see a GP how hard is it to get an appointment.

If you have tried to get on recently you will understand how stretched our health service is. You will understand the struggle they face to deliver things like mental health care due to lack of funding.

I Do Not Vote, I Do Not Understand It – Use Web Sites To Give You Answers

It does not stop there. The same issue is mirrored throughout our daily lives in everything from the cost of filling your car up to buying a train ticket.

As a voter, it is not our job to understand everything on offer. It up to us all to pick the things that best reflect our circumstances. Our role as voters is to choose what is right for us as an individual.

Of course, it suits some that do not vote. This is because if everyone who can vote did vote then things would be far different than they are today.

It is highly likely we would have people leading the country who reflected normal people. We know this because our society is in the main made up of normal people.

If it makes it easier think about this election like a reality TV show. The only difference is that as opposed to voting for a contestant to chuck out, you are picking a group who will make your life better.

Thanks to technology there are plenty of ways to get help too. Ones like this one – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50291676 help remove all the noise and show what each group stands for.

Furthermore, there is no right or wrong answer, it is a personal choice.

I Do Not Vote, I Do Not Understand It – you do understand it.

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