Ways You Can Save Money On The Essentials

Ways You Can Save Money On The Essentials
Ways You Can Save Money On The Essentials

Even for the thriftiest members of society, essential goods and services are incredibly expensive in today’s consumer market.

Saving money is important to everyone, and whilst it’s tempting to focus on cutting out expensive treats, there are easy ways you can reduce your everyday spending on essentials to help make your hard-earned money stretch even further.

Grocery Shopping

When shopping for food, always make sure you take in a list and don’t get overexcited by the latest offers. Supermarkets use lots of psychological techniques to manipulate shoppers into buying more expensive branded items that are supposedly ‘on offer’ but are actually more expensive than almost identical own-brand options.

For those who are deeply committed to saving, couponing is also a great option. You can find a variety of coupons online, in-store or even in circulars sent through the post, and whilst the majority of them only give you a small amount of money off, this accumulates to become a significant saving for the savvy shopper.


Fashion is constantly changing, and as such, it can be expensive to look stylish. One great way to save money is to recycle old clothes in return for vouchers, reward points or money off. By dropping off your unwanted items you are not only saving the planet, but also saving yourself money on new clothes, allowing you to refresh your wardrobe time after time at a reduced cost. You can also invest in statement pieces that can be worn with anything and are of high quality so that they will last years. Wearing clothes for longer reduces the costs of regularly buying cheaper alternatives.


Taking public transport is a great way to save money on everything from your daily commute to a trip to see the sights. Cars are incredibly expensive to purchase, run and maintain, and they also incur regular additional costs such as parking fees and insurance premiums, so taking the bus or train is a great way to avoid these expenses. For those who cannot live without their own vehicle, leasing can be the perfect alternative to owning a car outright. Companies like Vantage Leasing have special offers on certain models, as well as competitive packages to ensure that you pay minimal maintenance fees whilst enjoying the freedom that having a car provides.

Beauty Products

Even if you’re not high-maintenance, basic toiletries can be expensive, especially if you have sensitive skin or specific requirements. One great way to offset these costs is to sign up to a loyalty scheme, which will give you points every time that you spend money in-store. These points can be spent on new products, allowing you to earn even as you spend!

Phone Costs

Having a mobile phone is a modern necessity, but it can be incredibly expensive. To reduce this expense, you can look into buying a refurbished handset and then getting a sim-only deal from your phone provider. Owning your phone outright reduces your long-term costs, as you will not be paying for the handset as part of a contract, and allows you to buy a quality handset for less than when it was new.

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