People Eligible For Free Flu Jab Being Urged To Do So

People Eligible For Free Flu Jab Being Urged To Do So
People Eligible For Free Flu Jab Being Urged To Do So

The winter nights will soon be creeping in and East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s public health team is urging people who are eligible for the free flu vaccination to take up the offer.

Free flu jabs are available for people aged 65 and over, people aged from six months to less than 65 years of age with a long-term health condition, pregnant women, children aged from two to ten years.

Also, people in long-stay homes, unpaid carers and staff who work as carers in residential, home and hospice care can all have a free flu jab.

Janet Smith, public health lead for health protection and older people, said;

“The more people who are vaccinated, the lower the likelihood and spread of infection. This will reduce the pressure on the NHS and social care during winter months.”

“Flu is dangerous, highly contagious and largely preventable. For most people who catch flu it is unpleasant, but for some, it can lead to chest infections, severe complications and even death.”

Flu Jab Can Help Prevent Catching Flu

“The best way to avoid catching and spreading flu is by having the vaccination before the flu season starts.”

“Don’t be put off getting the flu vaccination. If you are eligible then get it now, it’s free because you need it.”

“If you have a long-term health condition, even one that is well managed, have a serious medical condition or are pregnant, you are at greater risk of severe complications if you catch flu.”

“The nasal spray vaccination is a quick, painless and effective way for children aged two to ten. It also helps protect school years 1 to 6 and the Reception class without the need for injections.”

’s is making their own attempt to reduce the number of flu cases. They are urging all council staff to have their flu vaccinations.

This is to protect those they come into contact with during their working roles. While it will look after their own health and reduce sickness absence.

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