National Living Wage Campaigners Welcome ABI’s Status

National Living Wage Campaigners Welcome ABI's Status
National Living Wage Campaigners Welcome ABI’s Status

Campaigners supporting the National Living Wage campaign have congratulated Beverley holiday homes manufacturer ABI.

Supporters of the National Living Wage say that ABI is already seeing the benefits. They say that as a result of their stance it has helped them secure a contract worth £600,000.

It’s hoped that the contract from the Mother Ivy’s Bay holiday park in Cornwall may be the first of many.  

Awarding the contract, Mother Ivy’s proprietor Patrick Langmaid said that whilst there are a number of excellent suppliers in the field, only ABI are accredited with Living Wage status.

, of , says it is great news also adding it good for employees.

Commenting on the news he said;

“This is great news and supports our long term advocacy of the real Living Wage.  We urge both private and public sector employers to adopt the Real Living Wage.” 

“Clearly the benefits from improved productivity and quality outweigh the additional cost as well as saving the taxpayer money.”

“The National Living Wage outside London is now £9 an hour. A figure that is recognised by the Living Wage Foundation charity.”

ABI Proud To Earn National Living Wage Accreditation

ABI Caravans are a key local employer in the area. Announcing the news on their web site that they had become a living wage employer they said;

“We incredibly proud to be able to announce we are the first holiday home manufacturer in the UK to recognise the importance of rewarding our employees for the work they do by becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer.”

“As well as directly benefiting our employees, we truly believe that our achieving Living Wage accreditation is an exciting milestone that will bring real benefits to our and community.”

“Also, as a responsible employer, we just think it is the right thing to do!”

“We also hope that by taking this step we will set new standards and raise the bar across the entire holiday home industry, encompassing manufacturers, holiday parks and dealership.”

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