Beverley High School – An Exhibition of Art

Beverley High School – An Exhibition of Art
Beverley High School – An Exhibition of Art

Beverley High School opened their doors and welcomed in people to view work created by students at the school who are studying art.

Featuring  a selection of work from GCSE and A level students of Beverley High School, the exhibition showcased a combination of Photography and Art work that has been worked on throughout the two year courses. 

Projects on display included Portraiture, fantastic and strange and natural form,  Printmaking, painting, clay and photography making for a varied exhibition.

Louise Evans, Head of Art at Beverley High School Said;

“It was a very successful night, we had a steady flow of people who complimented the exhibition. They said it was an inspirational space with extraordinary talent on show.”

“The pupils are proud to see the work on display and they showed their relatives and friends their efforts. It was a pleasure to see the girls enjoying the fruits of their labour.”

“By doing this pupils get to understand the purpose of creating the artwork, art is meant to be viewed by others and to make a statement about their thoughts and feelings. We are glad to bring art to the wider community.”

Students displaying their work include Jasmine Barber who produced a tool box that was decorated in jewels and beautiful papers. 

Her work symbolised our desensitization of the beautiful objects around us that we use every day.  She showed this by  enhancing the shape and colours of the tools in her dads toolbox.

Verity Nellen responded to the exam question “In the News” by collaging together images that we are bombarding with from today’s politicians. 

There will images of trump, our conservative party and Verity’s family sat in her living room watching politics on the TV.

A level pupil Erica Sewell is used David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet” as her inspiration. 

She collected rubbish that had been washed up on local beaches and created a sculpture out of them which she then photographed and made them into something beautiful.

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