Vital First Aid Training Delivered To East Riding Villagers

Vital First Aid Training Delivered To East Riding Villagers
Vital First Aid Training Delivered To East Riding Villagers

Residents of were given the opportunity to learn essential life-saving skills when the ’s Heartstart CPR training course was delivered at the village’s sports pavilion recently.

The training follows the installation of two Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at separate locations in the village.

Sessions was open to members of the village’s sports clubs and all residents and was attended by over 30 people. It was organised by Cherry Burton Sportsfield Committee member Tony Baker, who explained why he felt it was necessary.

He said: “Following the installation of the AEDs there was a desire from the sports clubs, following incidences of cardiac arrest at sporting venues in other regions, for training on how to use the equipment and for more general life-saving training too.

“We felt that if we had the equipment in situ, it made sense to have as many knowledgeable personnel representing each sports club, on hand as soon as possible should the worst happen.

“We’re really grateful for the donations from the sports clubs here in Cherry Burton, from the Baden-Powell Scouts Association and from local Charity N.U.R.S.E, which made the installation of the defibrillators possible, and to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) which has organised delivery of the course.”

Mr Simon Gower is a consultant anaesthetist at in . He’s been involved in the delivery of BHF Heartstart courses for more than two years.

“We’re delivering basic life support techniques to those who want to learn them. These are first aid skills that everyone should know, that they can apply should they need them. We’ve been doing these courses in the Beverley area for a few years and they are always well received and work very well.”

As well as being taught how to use the AEDs, attendees were also given guidance in delivering CPR, how to stop a serious bleed, how to attend to someone who is unconscious, how to help when someone is choking and how to recognise the signs of a cardiac arrest.

Donations made by those who took the course in Cherry Burton raised over £100 for the BHF.

Andrew Addison is a Cherry Burton resident and member of the village’s tennis club. He attended the Heartstart session and found it very useful.

He said: “I’ve always been involved in sport – I currently run, cycle and play tennis, and my teenage son also plays tennis and . I felt it was important to make sure I had the skills I needed to be of assistance should a medical emergency occur.

“The course was interesting and very useful. You don’t need to be a medical expert to learn things that could save someone’s life. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

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