DUP Deal Shows How ‘Impotent’ Yorkshire’s MPs Are

DUP Deal Shows How ‘Impotent’ Yorkshire’s MPs Are
DUP Deal Shows How ‘Impotent’ Yorkshire’s MPs Are

Leader, Stewart Arnold says the deal struck between the Conservative Party and the DUP shows just how impotent Yorkshire’s  MPs are.

His comments come after the DUP confirmed they would support Theresa May in return for a number of concessions including an additional £1 billion in funding over a two year period.

Commenting on the news, Mr. Arnold said;

“Make no mistake, Arlene Foster and the DUP have played a blinder here. It shows what you can do as a party with just 10 MPs. They have extracted  a great deal for the community they represent.”

“That’s an extra £1 billion on top of the already generous public expenditure settlement Northern Ireland already enjoys compared to Yorkshire.”

“It shows – by contrast – just how impotent Yorkshire’s  MPs are. Wouldn’t it be nice for once to hear our Conservative MPs in the region saying ‘I am withholding my support from the Government until Yorkshire gets a fair funding deal in terms of and infrastructure investment’.  Fanciful I know. And that’s why we need Yorkshire Party MPs at Westminster making the case for more money AND for devolution.”

“The Yorkshire Party’s slogan at the election earlier in the month was ‘Speaking up for Yorkshire’. Today shows how important it is that as a party we continue to give Yorkshire that voice; no one else seems capable.”

The Labour Party say the deal is ‘shabby and reckless’ and would undermine the trust in the impartiality of the UK government which was vital to the implementation of the Agreement.

Ian Blackford, The Scottish National Party’s leader at Westminster called for Scotland to get its fair share as he said that Tories have suddenly found the ‘magic money tree’.

The Welsh were equally critical branding the deal as a ‘bung’.

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