Yorkshire Party Name Candidates For Snap Election

Yorkshire Party Name Candidates For Snap Election
Name Candidates For Snap Election

The Yorkshire Party selected two East Riding Mayors to fight their respective seats in the upcoming General Election.

PM Teresa May shocked the country after she did a u-turn and called a general election that will take place on 8 June 2017.

The Mayor of Hornsea, Lee Walton, has been selected to fight the parliamentary seat of and Holderness, a seat currently held by  

While the Mayor of Bridlington, Liam Dealtry, has been selected to fight the neighbouring seat of East Yorkshire currently held by Sir .

Leader of the Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold, who stood in the last general election in East Yorkshire said he ‘was delighted both would be standing.’

 Commenting on the candidates named he said;

“ In their time as Mayor, they have proved themselves to be outstanding voices for their community.”

“They will be first class MPs, giving not only this part of the East Riding a voice, but Yorkshire as a whole.”

 “The Yorkshire Party will be standing candidates across the region, with announcements being made over the forthcoming days.”

Both candidates face a uphill struggle to try and win the seats from the Conservatives. Both Mr. Stuart and Mr. Knight have big majorities of over 10,000 based on figures from the 2015 polls.

In Beverley and Holderness Mr. Stuart got 48pc share of the votes cast while the Yorkshire Party received just 1.4pc.

The UK will go to the polls on 8 June and be asked to choose a government to take the country forward as it begins the process of parting company with the European Union.

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