Cherry Tree Centre First Charity To Benefit From Local Scheme

Cherry Tree Centre First Charity To Benefit From Local Scheme

A new scheme at the local McColls shop on the Swinemoor Estate has donated over £200 to the .

The ”Make A Difference Foundation” which was launched by Nisa Retail Limited, a retail organisation which works in partnership with McColls newsagents.

Make a Difference Locally foundation was established to support local communities and do this by making donations to other charities and good causes.

Anyone using the shop can purchase certain items that will see the store make a donation to good cause within their community.

A spokesperson for the store said;

“Every three weeks we flag up items in store, which show shoppers how much money will be put back into the community if they buy them.”

“The amount we will donate ranges from 1p up to 5p which soon adds up. Our head office then let us know how much has been collected, and we then pick a charity or good cause from the area who we award the cash to.”

McColls newsagents of Salmon Road, nominated the Cherry Tree Community Centre for their first donation.

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A cheque of £215 was given by McColls Newsagent to Cherry Tree Centre’s manager Jo Ramsay. A grateful Jo said;

“We are very grateful for the donation and will use the money to support with needs in the local area.”

The Cherry Tree Centre provides vital services to a range of people in the area providing much-needed support to some of the most venerable people.

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