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A teacher and a civil servant bid farewell to their full time careers in the public sector to start their own alongside Forever Living Products.

As a Senior Manager with over 250 distributors, is celebrating with Claire Walker who has just left her public sector career of 22 years to join Forever to help other people set up their own business. Fiona and Claire have both just returned from an all expenses paid trip to Lake Tahoe in the US, courtesy of Forever Living Products as a reward for their contribution to the business’s success.

Fiona Ives says:

“Forever Living Products was established 1978 and is now a multi billion dollar company which operates in 158 countries and it looks after its distributors so well; the trip to Lake Tahoe is just one example, I am now working towards a trip to Singapore next year.”

“When I was first introduced to the network business model I wasn’t convinced that it would become anything beyond party planning, but very quickly I found it to be so much more. Within a year of setting up my own home-based business, it had superseded my full time teaching salary.”

“This enabled me to retire from teaching 18 years early and now I am committed to helping others to do the same. I met Claire two and a half years ago at one of my business presentations. Claire has also become very successful, she too is moving through the ranks of Forever’s marketing plan by building up her own team of distributors.”

“Claire and I were delighted to be rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to Lake Tahoe followed by a visit to the South Fork Ranch that appeared in Dallas, which is owned by the Company. I can honestly say this doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do.”

Claire Walker says:

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“I was also initially apprehensive about the network marketing model but when the sales and rewards started to grow it soon become clear that this was a highly ethical business model with the ability to change peoples’ lives for the better. I began to earn more from Forever than I had done from my public sector salary.”

“What I have found is that many of my Forever colleagues are highly skilled professional people who found they had little time for themselves and their family. Running my own business from home has given me the freedom to choose when I work and I can now be at home for my children.”

“As an Investors in People Gold status company it offers brilliant business support and training. The trip to Lake Tahoe was a fantastic experience that I was able to share with my husband and children. This experience was all expenses paid as a way of thanking us for our business – I don’t know any other business that offers this kind of reward.”

“I enjoyed my time in the civil service, but now that I have made the change to work for myself, my life has changed for the better.”

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