Longcroft School Exhibits Student Work At St Mary’s Church

Longcroft School Exhibits Student Work At St Mary’s Church

has a rich heritage of guilds and crafts, as illustrated by the Town Trail. St Mary’s Church itself was founded by the guilds, which included professions from carpentry to dress making.

is now working with St Mary’s Church to hold an exhibition of student work that would, in centuries past, have been evident in the crafts represented by the guilds that built the historic place of worship.

The exhibition will see the wonderful Art, Design and work of the pupils on display in the town centre for the first time, commencing on Saturday 13th until Thursday 18th June and anyone is welcome to visit it.

It will include projects created by Year 7 up A-level students, including a chair, bird boxes and desk tidies.

Curriculum Leader Nick West explained:

“I’m hoping that this public exhibition will allow students to enjoy praise that will surely come from those who see their designs and help them take pride in their work.”

Teacher Emma Milson added:

“Longcroft is a good school full of talented young people and we feel that their work deserves to be shown off in the town!”

Not only is this a great occasion for students and Longcroft School, which Ofsted judged to be a Good School earlier in the year, but it is also an excellent opportunity for St Mary’s Church to open itself up to the wider community, following on from a successful family open day in June.

Reverend Becky Lumley, vicar of St Mary’s, said:

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“Like schools, churches are at the heart of the wider community they serve. By inviting Longcroft to display student work, not only are we giving them a space to showcase their talents, but we’re also bringing new life into the church itself.”

“It’s quite exciting to see the ideas and designs of young people in the 21st century standing next to the craftsmanship from hundreds of years ago – by exhibiting their skills and creativity in St Mary’s, the students are walking in the footsteps of history. We also hope this will be the start of a longer-term working relationship with Longcroft.”

So don’t miss your change over the course of the exhibition to see not just the work of Longcroft students, but to also enjoy the history and architecture of one of Yorkshire’s most beautiful churches.

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