Headteacher Apprentices At Longcroft School

Every year Alan Sugar’s search for an apprentice is a television hit, but students at Longcroft School and Performing Arts College have been given the opportunity to become apprentice headteachers without the fear of being brought into the boardroom and fired.

Over the past fortnight, , Headteacher, has selected students from Years 7 and 8 to shadow him to not just allow them to gain an insight into how the schools works, but also to find out what about their experience as students at the school.

He explained:

“Whilst the most important function of a school takes place in the classroom, there is so much more to the organisation than just that, as is the case with any work place.”

“Alongside the teachers is a committed team of support staff who the students don’t always have an opportunity to meet. We have administrators, librarians, pastoral workers, IT technicians and a team, to highlight just some of the other posts vital to the running of a school.”

“Part of the scheme is to give students the opportunity to see this, whilst at the same time it’s a chance for me to get to know some individual students and garner their views on what life is like at Longcroft.”

One of the apprentices, Alice (13) took up the role on Wednesday 20th June. Alongside inputting data, she also spent some time helping out in the reprographics room. Clearly enjoying the experience, she said:

“I’ve learnt how busy Mr O’Donnell is, as he’s been in and out of meetings all day. He’s asked me to do some work on a homework timetable so he can get student views on it.”

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” Today has shown me how busy and dedicated all the staff are and it’s been a surprise to see how many there are doing jobs other than teaching. I’ve really enjoyed it and hope Mr O’Donnell is happy with the work I’ve done.”

Mr O’Donnell hopes that the scheme will continue in the future:

“I’ve been really impressed with the work carried out by the apprentices.”

“They’ve worked really hard to fulfil all the tasks given and have all enjoyed the opportunity. It’s given me the chance to get to know the students better and use their views to shape and develop the school.”

“Their opinions are vital in helping to us to ensure we are doing are job correctly and I really value they’ve shared with me”.

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