Longcroft Gospel Choir Serenade Olympic Torch

Amidst Beverley’s celebration of the being carried through the sunny town centre, entertainment was provided by the Longcroft Gospel Choir. Standing on the and surrounded by crowds, the students sang a selection of songs as residents eagerly waited to get a glimpse of the historic relay.

Austin Lillico, Beverley Renaissance Partnership Co-ordinator and key event organiser, said: “We approached Longcroft as we wanted young and musicians to be at the centre of the event to help make it a memorable occasion. Like the rest of the crowd, I was really impressed with the Gospel Choir and would like to thank them for being part of this important event.”

Fittingly enough for the Olympic flame, the Gospel Choir’s first number was ‘This Little Light of Mine’. As they burst into song, local resident Pippa Riley said she felt it was good for the school to be involved: “Longcroft is an important part of our community, and it’s great that the students are part of this event. They sound absolutely fantastic!”

This sentiment was echoed by Mrs Martine de Lee:

“They sang beautifully and added to the celebratory mood of the afternoon. I’m sure the students will remember being part of this for many years to come.”

Matt Snowden, Longcroft’s Community Liaison Coordinator, explained:

“We are always looking for new ways in which our students can take a proactive role in local events and to enhance their appreciation of the community in which they live.”

“With such an important event as the Olympic torch relay coming through Beverley, we really wanted to be part of it in some way – it seemed natural for the Gospel Choir to bring their music to the celebration. The crowd really appreciated being entertained as they waited for the torch, and our students loved being part of something they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Longcroft School would like to thank the people of Beverley for the warm reception they received and hope everyone will long recall this very special day in our town’s history.

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