Beavers Hope Forecasters Get it Wrong

RUFC will be keeping an anxious eye on the weather over the next few days in the hope that the forecasters are wrong and the prediction of more heavy snow and ice for Friday and the weekend will not materialise.

They are due to visit table topping Stockport for the National 3 (North) fixture on Saturday, for their first action since mid November.

They will be without first choice scrum half Chris Infield who will be working in for the remainder of the season and this will also be the final match for stand off Phil Duboulay who is taking three months off to go travelling. Both of these two will be missed but Coach James McKay is convinced that the Beavers have good replacements for them.

On the plus side is poised to return to the club and will add much needed strength to the lineout. It is not certain that he will be available for Saturday, since have yet to confirm that they are agreeable to his move.

Beverley RUFC v Stockport (away) kick off 2.15 p.m. Coach leaves at 10.45.

From:- C.Harding, G.Jelencic, S.Atiola, J.Tupai, G.Walden, P.Duboulay, P.Dale, M.Hatfield, R.Todd, M.Shaw, F.Pickering , D.Brant, M.Kirkwood, M.Adams, G.Gibson, F.Hopa, T.Riby-French, J.Stephenson, D.Worrall,(capt), J.McKay

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Beverley 2nd Xv are away to Hornsea 1st XV in a merit table match and should travel with a strong squad. They have been on a good run prior to the weather interfering and will be looking to continue it. Selection of the squad will be made after training on Thursday evening.

Pictures from the fixture featuring Beverley RUFC & Stockport in September

Beverley RUFC Dave Worrall

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