Crown, Colonies and Countrymen at the Treasure House

July 23, 2010

What do a Tudor mayor of London, the confiscation of royalist lands during the English Civil War, 50 years incarceration in an asylum, a five month journey to New Zealand, the Treaty of Waitangi and Buffalo Bill have in common? The answer is in a collection held by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s archives and local studies service, which is pleased to announce a new cataloguing project listing the family…


Freemen and Pasture Freemen of Beverley

March 15, 2010

East Riding of Yorkshire Council worked closely with Beverley Pasture Masters to update the rules relating to the admission of Freemen and Pasture Freemen in Beverley.  Prior to 2010, only sons of Freemen could be admitted a Freeman of Beverley.  They must have been born in Beverley and must have been at least 21.  In addition, their father had to have been a Freeman when the son was born. There…


Blackburn Beverley Transport Plane

March 9, 2010

These pictures are of the world’s only remaining iconic aircraft that was manufactured on the Humber at Brough the ‘Blackburn Beverley’ transporter aircraft. The Blackburn Beverley spent 21 years on display in Beverley, East Yorkshire at the Army Transport Museum though on the 24th May 2004 moved to its new base Fort Paull Military Museum. With the closure of the museum in Beverley Fort Paull raised what is thought to…


How Beverley Has Changed Since WWII

February 9, 2010

Beverley has changed remarkably since World War Two. In 1945 the town had a population of around 16,000 people, was dominated by its weekly stock market and old factories which employed most of its residents in manual work. Older residents remember a town in which they knew the faces in the crowd, sons followed fathers into local factories,  most wives stayed at home and looked after children, neighbourhoods organised their…


Iron Ship Building in Beverley

February 5, 2010

Although a major employer for many years in Beverley, little obvious evidence remains of the once thriving shipbuilding industry on Beverley Beck. Walk along the Beck towards the River Hull, though, and plenty can be seen of the shipyard and ancillary industries that played an enormous role in the growth of the fishing port of Hull. Cook, Welton and Gemmell Ltd owned the shipyard at the Grovehill site from 1902…


Poetry in Emotion

February 5, 2010

Anyone struggling to profess their love this Valentines Day might find inspiration in a visit to the East Riding Archives and Local Studies Service. One of the many documents held in the archives is the notebook of Margaret Elizabeth Whiteing of Beverley, dating back to 1909. Inside is poetry which, among other subjects, refers to love, and also compassion for others.  Margaret Whiteing was born on August 7, 1887, and…


Ben Stephenson’s Photo Archive

January 19, 2010

Ben Stephenson is a photographer from Walkington using Facebook and his own web site Ben publishes photographs of life in and area. Ben archive is well worth a look as it not only contains Ben’s photographs but also those taken by his father. A statement on his web site says everything “I think it’s a shame when you have hundreds of pictures packed away in shoe boxes or forgotten about…


Norwood Recreation Ground

January 14, 2010

FOLLOWING early incarnations on the Westwood, and Mill Lane, Beverley Town Cricket Club moved to Norwood after cricket captain Mr J A Dunkerley bought five acres land. Work progressed quickly and soon Beverley Town bowling club followed their cricketing counterparts and in 1909 the ground was oficially opened by local MP Stanley Wilson. The club thrived in the early part of the century, with the addition of new pavilions (including…


Beverley Saturday Market Reduced Service

January 9, 2010

Beverley Market may have been officially closed though this morning a handful of traders have braved the elements to open up their stalls. Malcolm Pattison, The Black Sheep Meat Company and East Riding Country Pork were some of the stalls which for them it was business as usual. This was only the second time in forty years the Market had been closed due to bad weather and given the snow…


Beverley’s Saturday Market Cancelled

January 8, 2010

In a press release sent out today by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to close Saturday Market this weekend has deeply upset and angered Beverley’s Market Traders, the press release issued reads; The East Yorkshire Council has regretfully had to cancel the Saturday market in Beverley town centre tomorrow, 9 January, because of the adverse weather conditions.  The conditions would not be safe for those setting up the stalls and…


Beverley Fire Brigade a Brief History

December 29, 2009

A crook and chain for pulling down burning houses were mentioned in 1541-2 and 1556-7.  Buckets and fire hooks were ordered to be bought in 1666 and 1674, on the latter occasion 24 buckets and four hooks, half to be provided by the corporation and kept in the Beverley Minster and town hall and half to be provided by the church wardens of St. Mary’s Church Beverley and kept there….


Beverley, a Town Once Experienced & Never Forgotten

December 10, 2009

The changing vision of a young Beverlonian Born and bred in Beverley, I’m what is known as a Beverlonian.  As a bored, disillusioned & angst ridden teenager, I frequently found myself thinking ’there must be more to life than just existing in a small town in East Yorkshire‘…a somewhat dreary place I felt, that seemed to suffer with a habitual case of nothingness and a constant attack of bad weather….


Regal DJ to Write Book

October 16, 2009

As resident DJ at the Regal nightclub in the 80’s, twenty years on I now would like to preserve all the memories from this building. With you’re help we can bring back this great Beverley building and so many happy memories. Ask you’re parents, grand parents, dig out the photographs from the loft, The Regal needs you. The Regal Cinema, Café Restaurant & Ballroom built & opened 1935. A fine…


Black Mill

September 24, 2009

Five Mills are known to have stood at one time or another on the Westwood, three have partial standing remains these are Black Mill, Westwood Mill and the Union Mill. Black Mill (pictured below) stands closest to the centre of the common on the a large ridge and the common most distinctive landmark. Although the top was removed after the mill closed back in 1868. Click on the thumbnail to…


Roman Finds Displayed

August 12, 2009

A new display opened this week at the Treasure House in Beverley next week, focusing on recent excavations at Stamford Bridge. The excavations, carried out by Northern Archaeological Associates in 2003, were connected with the construction of a new water main for the village and examined parts of the Roman settlement that existed there in the 2nd-4th centuries AD. The exhibition opens on Tuesday, 11th August and will be found…


Eastgate Bookshop

August 11, 2009

Eastgate Bookshop is closing and owner Barry Roper who has been running the shop for close to 26 years explained that his trade has declined as more parking restrictions are applied in Beverley. Barry said “People can not get into the town and park 1 hour is not enough to for someone to visit the whole of the town”. He also pointed out an ongoing problem that tourists face when…


HMS Beverley

August 10, 2009

Lost: 11 Apr, 1943 (Lt. Cdr. R.A. Price, RN.) at 05.52 hours two torpedoes were fired, by U-188 (Lüdden). Allied records indicate that HMS Beverley (H64) was hit and sunk at that time. There were only 4 survivors out of a crew of 158