Office Fit Out Trends You Might Want to Consider

Office Fit Out Trends You Might Want to Consider

Your office is an extension of your brand identity. Everything, from the colors to the layout, should reflect the image you’re trying to convey as a business.

If your brand is all about youth and caters to the younger generation, a casual, laid back office style will complement your marketing strategy.

Furthermore, a trendy, modern office can set you apart from your competitors and support your efforts to become an employer of choice.

Many companies are now moving away from the old-fashioned setup and toward the more inviting open-plan offices. If you believe the time has come to revamp your office and try some new fit-out trends, here are some ideas to consider.

Theme Rooms

“Creativity room,” “Brainstorming room,” and “Zen room” are all types of theme rooms that have proven to be more than just a fad. Many employers are now replacing their obsolete conference rooms with spaces that encourage employee engagement.

Take the “Creativity room,” for example, where you will find all kinds of props that can help people tap into their creativity to come up with new and innovative business ideas. Alternatively, a “Zen room” is where employees will go when they need to recharge during a hectic workday. Yoga mats and fish tanks are a great addition to this specific kind of room. Involve your team in the project to decide which rooms they would prefer to use. After all, you want to create a space where they want to hang out and do their best work. 

Forget About Massive  Spaces

Spending a fortune on massive office spaces is no longer worth it. Today, it’s more about practicality and flexibility of movement. With the rise of the remote work trend, you don’t need to find an office space for your entire workforce.

In metropolitan cities like Sydney, where square-foot prices are extremely high, employers are embracing this trend to cut down on their expenses and grow their profits. Layout experts at believe that it’s all about planning ahead and designing an office that can be altered to meet your future needs. The key is to keep it simple and smart; adjustable desks and lightweight walls can be used to accommodate your flexible work schedule while saving you a lot of money and resources. 

Design a Green Office

Nowadays it’s all about sustainability and environmentally-friendly everything. Major corporations are rethinking their methods and trying to keep up with the changing times in order to stay relevant. Take a page from these market leaders and give the green office a try. Some of the most important features of a green office include renewable energy sources; solar power is a great place to start.

Installing your own solar panels has become very popular in the last few years. Another important feature of a green office is installing smart windows. For cold weather, double-glazed windows are very efficient in heat retention and help you considerably reduce your carbon footprint. If you live in a hot climate, installing a reflective window is a simple and environmentally-friendly method to control the temperature indoors.  

Tear Down the Walls 

Although not necessarily a new trend, open office space has revolutionized the way everyone works. With organizations moving toward flatter hierarchies, the open office space is complementing management’s efforts to invite employees to the table and listen to what they have to say. You might still need to keep a few private offices for confidential meetings. Other than that, skip the partitions and let the light in. This move, in particular, can enhance your employee morale and increase the spirit of teamwork. 

Pay Homage to Your City

One of the smart ways to showcase your pride in your local area is to pay homage through your office design. You can use your city’s mascot, emblem, and colors to create a unique wallpaper to cover your entire office.

If you prefer a more subtle way to express your connection to your city, you can hang some folklore art pieces throughout the office. Keep in mind that you’ll have to adopt the same themes in each of your offices across the country to ensure brand consistency.

There are tons of great ideas out there when it comes to office fit-outs. Not only is deviating from the norm acceptable, but it’s actually encouraged for branding purposes. However, before setting your mind on any of the above ideas, it’s better to consider different stakeholders’ opinions. Once it’s settled, take your pick from the above suggestions and let your imagination run wild to build the office of your dreams.

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