Top 10 Colleges in UK for International Students

Top 10 Colleges in UK for International Students
Top 10 Colleges in UK for International Students

Oftentimes, students want to study in a foreign country. Commonly, these are youngsters from slow-developing countries whose economic and social levels are poor.

Young people want to receive the best education to enhance their chances for successful careers and lives. One of the targets is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The UK is one of the most successful and economically strong countries in the entire world. It goes beyond all doubts that its colleges and universities propose to students everything they may dream of. However, it’s sometimes difficult to determine the best educational institution.

Therefore, a team of paper writing experts from Write My Paper Hub (professional essay writing company which provides students with academic writing help) want to save your time and limit the number of UK colleges and universities to 10. They will briefly highlight the best learning options for international students in the UK.

Oxford University

If you’re an international student and want to study in the UK, Oxford is a perfect place for you. Undoubtedly, we couldn’t choose any other university to begin with. It’s one of the oldest educational institutions in English-speaking countries. Its popularity is well-known thanks to outstanding learning programs and professors. They ensure the best results and open multiple career perspectives for all. It’s only 90 minutes northwest of London!

University of Cambridge

Another “giant” of educational England is Cambridge. It likewise has a long and rich history. Its graduates are employed at the best companies throughout the globe and it welcomes international students annually. Many outstanding personalities studied there and modern students can enjoy even better curriculums and facilities because the educational system of the UK is very strong today.

University College London

International students should likewise consider this college. It’s a marvellous place, which is surrounded by different historic museums, squares, and so on. Famous Gandhi studied there and you can follow his path. The college offers over 200 majors. Accordingly, your choice won’t be limited. You can find anything your heart desires to study it with love and become an extremely successful student.

Kingston University

By choosing this educational institution, all foreign students can reap multiple benefits. The support of foreigners is amazing. You will be provided with the most effective programs and professors. The university proposes various majors and some of them are pretty rare. For example, you may choose travel writing, which is one of the most currently popular careers. Of course, it’s only one of the different options.

University of Leeds

Consider studying in Leeds. This university proposes over 50 different courses, which will definitely attract you. Besides, the city is very beautiful and always attracts people. It’s one of the greatest cultural centres in England. It’s full of museums, historic buildings, different festivals of music and arts.

University of York

Another great city and the university is York. It’s one of the oldest educational institutions in the UK whose history starts back in the 13th century. This university offers outstanding opportunities for all students. One of the most important disciplines is a sport. If you’re fond of it and dream of becoming a professional athlete or gain a profession in sports, this place is the best variant for you.

University of Manchester

Millions of people have heard a lot about Manchester. It’s a beautiful city, which is known for the love of soccer, ancient and unique architecture, different festivals, and so on. However, its university is one of the best destination places for international students. It holds about 8,000 students from abroad and definitely provides them with all the necessary conveniences to make them professional and successful employees.

University of Southampton

The city of Southampton is another great option for foreign students. It enrols about 5,000 international students every year. It offers advanced and effective learning programs, facilities, prospective majors, and something of the kind. Besides, this city has many attractive spots to enjoy your life to the fullest.

University of Buckingham

What would you say about a really royal place to study in? It’s a private royal university, which offers prospective learning opportunities for youngsters from abroad. It represents over 90 different nationalities and their number is only 1,000. If you’re lucky to get into that place, you’ll become a special one who can achieve anything he/she desires.

Imperial College London

The 10th learning destiny we propose is Imperial College of London. It offers tons of different opportunities for learners, including folks from abroad. It builds connections with different organizations worldwide. Therefore, its graduates always get easily employed. Select among vivid majors of the college and become a qualified expert.

How to Choose the Right College?

It’s of huge importance to choose the best learning option for you. The first thing we recommend is to choose among the best possible colleges and universities. We have already provided you with top-10 learning destinies in the UK. However, it’s only the first step. You should likewise undertake the following steps:

  • Create a list of your expectations from the educational institution;
  • Decide who you want to become in the future;
  • Consult your academic supervisor;
  • Ask your parents for a piece of advice;
  • Evaluate your chances to get into a certain college.

Make sure you set realistic objectives. You should be honest with yourself and weigh your strengths and weaknesses. If your knowledge and skills are not good enough for Oxford or Cambridge, it’s better to select an institution with a lower acceptance rate.

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