New Parents Reminded They Are Not Alone In These Difficult Times

New Parents Reminded They Are Not Alone In These Difficult Times
New Parents Reminded They Are Not Alone In These Difficult Times

New parents are being reminded they are not alone during these tough times caused by the pandemic.  Being a new mum or dad is a wonderfully exciting time, but it can also bring many challenges.

The additional pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic mean that some new parents can find things especially difficult.

However, the East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership wants to reassure them that there is plenty of help available. 

They say that while people may feel alone, there is plenty of help out there such as online resources. Also, they say that people should not be afraid to ask for help if they are struggling.

Many new parents have said coping during the pandemic without the support of friends and family has been testing. While others say given the pandemic have experienced high levels of anxiety. 

Margaret Wood, East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership manager, said;

“If you are finding being a mum or dad overwhelming, please ask for help.”

“Coping with a crying baby or young child can be incredibly hard and also tiring, especially if you are on your own or you have other children to care for.”

“If you need support from someone close to you that you would usually ask for help, then go ahead and ask for it.”

New Parents If Struggling Should Ask For Help

“Should that person you would normally turn to is unavailable, your GP, health visitor, midwife and children’s centre team are all there to support you.”

“If you are relative, friend or neighbour and think someone needs help – reach out with support.” 

“There are organisations in your community and online available to you. Please seek support, help is there for you and your baby.”

Current restrictions mean that some of the usual face-to-face support and groups in the East Riding are not running at the moment.

However, there are plenty of resources available online to help parents get through this difficult time. Topics covered include How To Cope With Crying and also sites focused on mums Mental Health Issues.

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