The USA’s Most World Renowned Sporting Events

The USA's Most World Renowned Sporting Events
The USA’s Most World Renowned Sporting Events

Sport has always been at the heart of the USA’s life and culture. Whether you enjoy sport as a bettor who likes to get in on the action with NBA picks, NFL tips or MBA favourites or whether you are a fitness freak who loves to marvel at players’ athleticism, or perhaps someone who just loves the social occasion that sport creates, there is no denying that Americans are a nation of sports fans.

As such, the country is home to some of the most popular, famous and renowned sporting events in the world. So if you are looking for where to place your next wager, hoping to pick up some pro tips or simply along for the ride, join us as we take a look at some of the USA’s most world-renowned sporting events.

Super Bowl

Of course, we would be crazy not to include the daddy of all USA sporting events in our list! The Super Bowl is aired across the globe and commentary is provided in over thirty different languages. As one of America’s greatest sporting events, it is an event that not only brings people together but also provides many bettors with the chance to win big.

Whoever you support and whatever your interest – be it sporting or betting focused – there is nothing quite like joining with your nearest and dearest for the thrills and spills of Super Bowl Sunday. Football is garnering a global following, and with the league’s popularity blooming in the UK and other European countries, the Super Bowl is the undisputed champion of the USA’s most world-renowned sporting events.

The Masters

Although the course has been altered multiple times over the US Master’s 87-year reign as one of the world’s leading sporting events, its grandeur and global appeal remain as strong today as they always have.

Coveted by golf’s elite, a champion’s green jacket is something that young golfers grow up dreaming of and a honour won by those such as the great Arnold Palmer and the current champion, Tiger Woods. Steeped in tradition, the US Masters is undoubtedly one of the USA’s most renowned world sporting events. People from around the world tune in to watch golf’s elite battle it out to become champion. The game is a favourite with bettors and enthusiasts alike as they watch through the twists and turns of the tournament.

The US Open

August brings one of the world’s greatest sporting events to one of the world’s greatest cities. Every year tennis fans flock to Flushing Meadows in New York to witness the thrills and spills of the tennis season’s final Grand Slam. It is an event for big names, big bets and big wins.

With prize money totalling $53 million the US Open is one of the most lucrative tournaments for stars to compete in. Perhaps this is partly why it is such a hotly contested event. Following hot on the heels of Wimbledon every year, the US Open gives tennis fans the chance to bet on the fates, fortunes and skills of the likes of Naomi Osaka and Dominic Thiem as they show the world how tennis is played.

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