Yorkshire Wildlife Park Welcome A New Family Of Unique Antelopes

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Welcome A New Family Of Unique Antelopes
Welcome A New Family Of Unique Antelopes

A new family of antelopes are settling into their new home at the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

The group of Kirk’s Dik Dik, one of the tiniest antelopes in the animal kingdom, are the latest addition to the park’s unique collection of rare and endangered species.

The Dik Dik, who get their name from the call they make when startled, are herbivores that grow to a maximum 16 inches tall and 13lbs in weight.

The dainty animals are native to East Africa, with small populations found in Southwest Africa, but their status is becoming perilous because of hunting by poachers who sell their bones for jewellery and their hides for suede gloves.

The arrival of Davos and Crissy and their four-month-old calf Mr Cashew is part of a global conservation project to protect their numbers and raise awareness of their plight.

“They inhabit shrubland and thickets and their diet consists primarily of leaves, shoots, flowers and fruits,” said Ayshea Seston, Hoofstock Team Leader of the park at Branton, near .

“They were quick to explore their new enclosure and have settled in very well and I’m sure visitors will love them.”

The Dik Dik family are part of the park’s ambitious plans to introduce new species to visitors and strengthen its acclaimed conservation work.

The 150-acre park, which is home to more than 450 animals from 70 different species, is now open to the public with clear safe distancing marking around its five kilometres of pathways and wide-ranging safety precautions.

As entry is restricted, tickets are available online only www.yorkshirewildlifepark.com

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