ERT Call On The Government To Increase Theatre Funding

ERT Call On The Government To Increase Theatre Funding
ERT Call On The Government To Increase Funding

Public Campaign For The Arts is a grassroots campaign set up to support theatres and arts organisations across the nation, during and after the pandemic.

They are calling on people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and call on the government to help our creative industries survive.

Currently, our government is not doing enough. With reduced ticket revenues, a lack of government funding and fixed building costs – not to mention our front doors and stage doors firmly shut for the time being – theatres across the country are feeling the brunt.

As a result, many creative spaces, and the creative people in them, are being forced into an impossible position. We need to support them now or risk losing them for good.

Without government support, Public Campaign For The Arts predicts that 70% of theatres will close permanently by the end of this year. This will not only have a devastating impact on the UK economy, but it will also cause a knock-on effect on the lives of people who depend on arts buildings and companies for their mental health, social life and community cohesion.

At a local level, ERT has created 3 films in which they explain how important theatre is to them and the local area.

ERT’s Artistic Director, Actor and Director, is keen to expand on how much our local theatre means during these difficult times:

“At the moment it can feel like we are bombarded and sometimes overwhelmed with bad news. Theatre is a small explosion of good news! 

“It’s a place where we can be transported into other worlds and into other peoples’ stories as both actors and audience. A place to laugh, cry and be challenged. A place to be touched by music, art, literature, poetry, comedy and new writing. And, perhaps most importantly of all, a place to feel part of a community.

“The benefit of these things can’t be measured by graphs and charts but they can be felt in a lightening of the spirit and a warming of the heart. As one of our volunteers said ‘at the moment we need our hearts warmed.’ Please support YOUR theatre.”

In addition to spreading our message in support of other theatres and venues, ERT will continue to face its own obstacles, campaigning for donations to help cover its building costs and support local artists.

To help ERT please lobby your local MP and donate via or by phone: Text ‘ERTATHOME’ with your chosen amount to 70490. (E.g. To donate £1 simply text ‘ERTATHOME 1’.)

To help support all theatres across Britain, Public Campaign For The Arts has set up a petition that you can sign at

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