Humber Bridge Toll Booths To Reopen But Cash Will Not Be Accepted

Humber Bridge Toll Booths To Reopen But Cash Will Not Be Accepted
Toll Booths To Reopen But Cash Will Not Be Accepted

The toll booths are set to reopen following the recent government announcements about the ‘Lockdown Exit Plan’ and going back to work.

The booths were closed on Sunday, March 29, as part of the measures to reduce the spread of as the country went into lockdown, and since that date, all traffic crossing the bridge has been using the open road ‘TAG Lane’ (ORT).

Customers have then been asked to pay online at a later date.

But with traffic steadily increasing over recent weeks, the Board has taken the decision to reopen the toll booth lanes from Monday, June 29th. 

Working under the government guidance on being COVID secure, the Board has carried out relevant risk assessments and implemented safety measures to enable the toll booths to reopen, while ensuring staff and customers are protected. 

However, as part of the on-going measures to prevent the spread of the infection, cash will not be accepted at the toll booths. 

Customers without a TAG can pay via the new contactless payment terminals on the outside of the booths which accept credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

But the best option remains applying for a TAG at and benefiting from a 10 per cent discount on all crossings.

Chief Operating Officer, , said now traffic is increasing, the Board wanted to reopen the booths safely and give commuters a greater choice of how to pay.

He added the decision not to accept cash had been taken to contain the spread of the disease by keeping contact between toll booth operators and drivers to an absolute minimum. 

Mr Arundel said: “Traffic levels are very much on the rise now that people are being allowed to go back to work and because non-essential shops have reopened. 

“Therefore, we have taken the decision to reopen the toll booths on June 29, enabling people to pay safely by card and mobile payments, but not by cash.

“We have installed card machines on the outside of the toll booths where people can make contactless payments. 

“Of course, people can continue using the ORT and paying online later, but we recommend they consider getting a HumberTag, which is both cheaper and easier to use”

Previously, someone using the ORT lanes without a tag had 24 hours to pay online after making a crossing, after which they would incur an admin charge of £15 per crossing.

However, when the toll booths reopen, those using the ORT lanes without a Tag will have 72 hours to pay or face the additional charge of £15 per crossing.

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