Waste Recycling Site Opening Hours Now Extended

Waste Recycling Site Opening Hours Now Extended
Waste Site Opening Hours Now Extended

The council’s household waste site at Weel, , will have its opening hours temporarily extended in a bid to control some issues.

As of Tuesday 2 June, the site will open at 8am, two hours earlier than normal, and then close at the regular time of 5pm.

The new hours apply seven days a week at the Weel site for a short period only, after which the hours will revert back to the normal 10am-5pm opening hours.

The measure has been brought in by to try to solve problems caused by cars queueing to get on to the site, which is located on a narrow road.

Following the lockdown closure, household waste sites in the East Riding reopened on 4 May.

But on-site restrictions, which were brought in as a safety measure to make sure visitors and staff could follow social distancing rules, mean only a small number of cars are allowed on each site at any one time.

Paul Tripp, head of streetscene services at , said: “Over the past two weeks more people have been visiting our household waste sites, which has led to issues at some sites.

“At Weel, we have seen long queues of waiting to enter the site, which has caused some issues for residents trying to get to the neighbouring village of Weel.

“So by extending the opening hours of this particular site, we hope this will help to spread people’s visits across the day.

management will still be in place and if people are asked to turn back and return another time, we hope they will understand and follow the instructions.”

Household waste sites are only open for essential use at the moment. Residents are urged not to visit unless it is absolutely necessary, and to keep waste at home if they can for the time being.

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  1. The weel tip always used to open longer hours in the summer,There is no reason if the council are serious about recycling that it should not continue to open longer.The spin put on this, is typical of the ERCC in taking something away for no good reason and then bringing it back with some fanfare as though its responding to the public when it has created the problem in the first place.

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