Parking Charges To Be Reintroduce But Exemptions Remain For Some

Parking Charges To Be Reintroduce But Exemptions Remain For Some
Parking Charges To Be Reintroduce But Exemptions Remain For Some

Parking charges are to return to all council car parks and parking bays in the East Riding from Monday 1 June.

However, NHS and critical care workers will still be able to park for free when on official duty.

made all council car parks and on-street parking bays free of charge from 26 March to help frontline workers and volunteers during the coronavirus efforts.

But, in line with some lockdown restrictions being lifted, parking charges will now come back into force on Monday 1 June.

Councillor , Leader of , said:

“We suspended parking charges at the beginning of the lockdown as a show of support for NHS staff, carers and key workers.

“Now, since the Government has made changes to the lockdown restrictions, parking charges will return.

“But we are pleased to continue the free parking for NHS staff, carers and volunteers when they are on duty.”

However, NHS and critical care staff, as well as NHS volunteers, will still benefit from free parking as long as they display their NHS permit.

This is a nationally recognised scheme, permits can only be issued by your own employer. Further details can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Alongside the charges, parking enforcement will also continue in all areas.

Those with parking permits, who stopped monthly payments when the fees were waived in March, will receive individual correspondence explaining what they need to do.

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  1. It should be the responsibility of the council to encourage people to start shopping in the towns.This sort of action is nothing but greed.The rush to impose parking charges is a disgrace and to then to say nhs and other key workers will be looked after is just a smokescreen.All parking should be free for the next few months to at least facilitate and help the local economy after all it was before this wretched council came into being.

  2. Re-introducing parking charges is not encouraging shoppers back to the town. Shops and businesses are in a very fragile state and will be for many months to come, especially as the stay at home mentality has necessitated many people having no choice but to order on line.
    Beverley is surrounded by many rural villages and ilnstead of putting people off from coming back to the town, the council should show their support for shops by waving the charges for at least another 3 months to kick start the recovery.

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