ArtWaves Festival Launches Wants Photos Capturing Pandemic Life

ArtWaves Festival Launches Wants Photos Capturing Life In Lockdown
ArtWaves Festival Launches Wants Photos Capturing Pandemic Life

ArtWaves Festival has launched a photographic call out to the region. They want images that capture ’s experiences during the pandemic.

The festival is seeking to build an online gallery of submitted imagery. They want it to feature photos from those in self-isolation, lockdown and key workers.

Also, they are keen for any other experiences that could be shared to create a snapshot of East Yorkshire life during this time.

Once restrictions are lifted, the images collected will be reproduced and displayed in a physical exhibition at Contemporary Gallery for viewing.

Festival Director, Lauren Frost, said: 

“As a major arts fixture in the region we felt a duty to look at what we can do to support artists and individuals with a creative outlet during this time, and this idea not only appeals to existing artists, but to all.”

“Anyone can take a photograph of their ‘new normal’ and submit it to us and help create this collaborative gallery. Although we may be separated, we can still come together and create something inspirational.”

Submitted images can capture anything. Each person’s varying experience and outlook on the current situation is set to make a vast and powerful collection of images.

It will be available online via the festival’s social media channels following the deadline date.

There is no age restriction on those wishing to send images. Young and old are encouraged to participate, in order to truly capture how life is in the region at this time.

Photographs should be submitted to ArtWaves at

Please include your name and a short description of what your photograph represents by Friday, 5 June 2020.

Further festival information can be found on the festival website:

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