COVID-19 : Why I Called Off Beverley’s Game With Goole

COVID-19 : Why I Called Off Beverley’s Game With Goole
COVID-19 : Why I Called Off Beverley’s Game With Goole

Local football manager Steven Graham says he called off their fixture due to concerns surrounding COVID-19.

 Mr Graham, who manages Beverley Town Football Club Reserves says his decision came as a result of the pandemic sweeping the globe.

His actions exposed him to some backlash, however, he says that overall his decision to cancel the game was welcomed by his players.

Speaking to Mr Graham said;

“On the Friday night before the match, I decided to call off our game. I made that call in the interests of the player’s welfare.”

“As a chartered standard club, we have an obligation to safeguard all those affiliated with the club.”

“I did say to the team that if they wanted to play they could, but I would not be part of it. Most of the players understood my decision and supported it.”

“Given the current government advice in relation to social distancing, I felt this was the right action to take.”

“The risks of playing were too high. Football is a physical game with lots of bodily fluids flying about. We are told this is how the disease spreads, so why would you risk it?”

“We are not professional footballers, we have all have families and jobs to go to.”

“Most of all this was a decision based on basic morals. Beverley is a town with an ageing population, so we all have an obligation to what we can to reduce the risk to them.”

Mr Graham also raised concerns over matches being played in schools.

Playing Football In Schools Could Help COVID-19 Spread

He says that given the fact the virus can survive on surfaces for many hours it’s just increasing the risk of spreading COVID-19 by using their facilities.

He added;

“We all know the NHS is at breaking point already. Why risk making that worse, we need to be sensible about this.”

“It is just a game of football. Other associations in the UK have suspended all fixtures as they look to deal with the crisis we find ourselves in.”

Mr Graham and his side are not due to play until the 28 March. He says that if things have not changed he will not hesitate to call that game off.

He said;

“The governing body meet this week to discuss what course of action to take. If they decided to end the season early that is something I would support and vote for.”

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