Blackburn Beverley Among Items Top Be Auctioned Off

Blackburn Beverley Among Items Top Be Auctioned Off
Blackburn Among Items Top Be Auctioned Off

A Blackburn XB259 will go under the hammer along with items following the closure of the attraction Fort Paull.

The is one of two planes that will be sold off along with other items from the museum that will be auctioned off.

The Blackburn used to reside here in the town of and was the pride and joy of the .

In 2005 it was moved to Fort Paull after the museum in was closed. A logistical nightmare to move the plane will now need to find anew how where it can be preserved.

The was conceived back in 1950, those who flew described the beast as a flying block of flats. However, the plane soon proved its worth and versatility in transporting men and vehicles.

News of the auction is likely to appeal to aviation enthusiasts and other collectors. The at Fort Paull is the only remaining sample of this iconic aircraft.

XB259 is also special as it was the first production of the Balckburn Beverley, When it arrived here in the town money was raised by the community to restore and protect for future generations.

Saved From Scrap Heap

This aircraft was constructed in Brough in 1954 and made her maiden flight in January 1955. While her main purpose was for military use, she also carried out a number of other duties.

She was also the last Beverley to ever take to the skies when she flew Luton to Paull Airified in 1974.  After being saved from the scrap heap by a local businessman she found her way to the .

The Beverley was taken apart and brought by road to the museum in 1983. Some four years later in 1987, it was opened to the public.

Where she will end up now is anyone’s guess. However, given her historic value, she will make a wonderful addition to any aviation collection.

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