Chat Shop Celebrates 20 Years Of Serving People On Swinemoor

Chat Shop Celebrates 20 Years Of Serving People On Swinemoor
Chat Shop Celebrates 20 Years Of Serving People On Swinemoor

Chat Shop on the Swinemoor Estate has celebrated 20 years of serving the local community.

Manager Trevor Green who was one of the founders of the venture says it is remarkable that they have lasted two decades.

At a special event, Trevor was joined by a host of people at the Chat Shop. Guests included volunteers, customers and friends of the shop.

Speaking about the Chat shop Trevor said;

“We first opened the shop on 5 January 2000. At the time we felt there was a need for some community activity on the Swinemoor Estate. It was more or less a link between the community and the New Harvest Church.”

“When it first opened we never thought we would last a year. It was purely experimental as we have to survive on donations. But the good Lord has provided and since we have gone on to buy the lease giving us the security we need.”

Chat Shop Opened Expanded Two Decades After Opening 

The shop sells a range of goods like clothing and Bric-à-brac at affordable prices. All of their stock comes from donations within the community.

Once sold money they raised is used to fund the running of the shop while they also support a range of other charities within Beverley.

Trevor added;

“This place for many is a lifeline. There are a lot of lonely people on the Swinemoor Estate so the fact they can come in, talk to someone and have a drink really helps them. We have people who come in every day and others who come from time to time.”

“Overall I was really pleased with how the event went. It was so nice to see so many people join us for the celebration.”

“I was particularly pleased to welcome Cllr Peter Astell. As a former Mayor of Beverley, he has always paid a keen interest in the work we do. It is also good that Beverley Town Council is interested in what we are doing.”

While at the event Cllr Astell was given to honour of opening a new extension.  The additional space will allow the Chat Shop to store and sort more goods while it will also provide them with space to hold meetings.

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