Lib Dem Led Beverley Town Council Budget Delivers More For Less

Lib Dem Led Beverley Town Council Budget Delivers More For Less
Lib Dem Led Town Council Budget Delivers More For Less

Liberal Democrat-led Town Council has delivered a new year bonus for residents with a groundbreaking first budget.

The budget set combines a 2% reduction in the Town Council Tax precept with increased levels of investment to meet its priorities for the town.

Speaking after a Full Council meeting on Monday night which approved the budget proposals, Liberal Democrat group leader, Councillor said:

“Shortly after we were elected last May, we set out our three priorities for the town.”

“Firstly, we wanted to make a cleaner and greener place to live, work and be happy. Secondly, we wanted to be a town where everyone matters and pull together. And thirdly we said we would deliver financial value for the taxpayer.”

“Today we have delivered a budget which invests in these priorities, whilst at the same time reduces the Town Council tax precept by 2%.”

When we came into office we discovered that previous Town Council administrations had stockpiled hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash in unnecessary reserves.  We didn’t think that was right, and so today we are using some of that money to reduce ’s tax bills and invest in things which will improve life in the town.”

Town Council Budget Allows For purchase Of CCTV Cameras

“We will make our town safer by buying state of the art mobile CCTV cameras which can be deployed to crime hot spots around the town as needed.”

“We will make our town cleaner by investing in extra litter bins, grit bins and dog poo bag dispensers

“And we will make our town brighter by spending more money on in Bloom, and making next year’s lights in the town centre, the best ever.”

“We are also going to bring the community together by investing in some top quality events. We are already renowned for our food festivals in Beverley. This year we want to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day, and we are planning a major Pride event in the town for the first time.”

“The Town Council is the first tier of local government, and this is the first time that the have had the privilege of being the majority group on . This budget sets the tone of things to come, giving our residents more for less. And we thank them for giving us this opportunity to deliver for them.”

Note. The new tax precept for a Band D Property in 2020/21 will be £46.88, a reduction of £1.01 (2.1%)  over the current financial year.

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