Toxic, Vile And Full Of Lies – A Very British General Election

Toxic, Vile And Full Of Lies – A Very British General Election
Toxic, Vile And Full Of Lies – A Very British General Election

Toxic, vile and full of lies, that what best describes the past four weeks in relation to this general election.

Billed as an election that would bring a divided nation together is has failed. But let’s face it, the past three years have been full of catastrophic failures by politicians.

Be it the Conservatives, Labour or the Libdems these past four weeks have been an utter shambles. We have been treated to watching duck out of tricky interviews and ignore the facts in front of him.

Half the nation has been manipulated by a press who have systematically destroyed his biggest rival for number 10, .

Then there are the messages, the mundane repetitive one-liners. The default phrases that are littering our airwaves and social media streams.

However, the saddest thing in all of this is that if we are to believe the polls then this aggressive nasty political approach is working.

The idea that the so-called ‘working heartland of Britain’ is about to jump on the Tory bandwagon is actually terrifying.

Living here in the UK rust belt the real question voters should be asking is ‘what have the tories done for us?’

Toxic General Election Will Resolve Nothing

Our schools, hospitals, police, fire service and local authorities have been stripped to their bare bones. It has been reported the UK now has more foodbanks that McDonald’s.

Put this question to the Conservatives they revert to their default blame rhetoric, Brexit.

Brexit is not to blame, the reason our local services are failing is due to funding cuts. But do not worry, the tories are promising 50,000 nurses, or is that 20,000?

After wasting millions on motorway matrix signs saying we are leaving the EU on 31 October. Or the millions on ferry contracts, this hapless administration wants another five years.

No matter how people vote and how this ends one thing is certainly clear, this election will achieve nothing.

On the 13 December the country will still be divided and if Boris has his way families will still be struggling.

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  1. Sorry the press didn,t destroy J Corbyn,He did it himself by his actions and deeds.The press and media have only reported his shady terrorist appeasers past as well as his actions or non action regarding the antisemetic elements now to the fore in the Labour party

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