Green Party Candidate Takes Action Ahead Of Question Time

Green Party Candidate Takes Action Ahead Of Question Time
Green Party Candidate Takes Action Ahead Of Question Time

Green Party Candidate, Richard Howarth was arrested after he attempted to display a banner on the roof of Hull University.

Mr Howarth tried to unfurl his banner at the site during the filming on the BBC show Question Time on  Thursday evening.

Mr Howarth is standing in the 2019general election 12 December. He is the Green Party candidate for Kingston upon Hull North.

He hoped his actions would help draw attention to issues surrounding . Also, he says he took the drastic action to urge the government to ‘tell the truth’ about the unprecedented global emergency, and act now.

Commenting on his PR stunt, Mr Howarth said;

“We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Our government has failed to protect us.
To survive it’s going to take everything we’ve got.”

“Our government and media must tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency, and We must Act Now.”

“I am a Green Party candidate, standing on a manifesto with some great Green New Deal policies, but we could never even enact them in the current system.”

“We can’t argue with the laws of physics, so if the changes necessary for our survival aren’t possible in the current system, then we must change the system.”

“So let’s do something amazing – let’s Act Now. If Not Now, When?”

Green Party Candidate Says Government Are Not Being Truthful With People

The action was part of ’s ongoing open rebellion against the government.

Mr Howarth who is no stranger to protesting was released from Clough Road Police Station the following morning. No further action or charges were brought by the police.

Voters will go to the polls on 12 December where they will get to elected the people they think best suited to lead the country.

While remain strong favourites, others including Labour are hoping people will vote for them and bring an end to a decade of austerity and spending cuts.

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