Liberal Democrats Are Only Choice For Those Wanting To Stop Brexit

Liberal Democrats Are Only Choice For Those Wanting To Stop Brexit
Are Only Choice For Those Wanting To Stop Brexit

say they are the only party for wanting to put a stop to Brexit.

Following the news that a general election will be held on 12 December, the have made their position clear.

They are now urging in & Holderness to back them if they want to put a stop to the fiasco that is Brexit.

 Speaking to the candidate Denis Healy said;

“This election is a once in a generation opportunity to reshape our politics and give hope to the millions of who want a fairer, brighter future.

“The election is about the direction of our country for the next generation.”

“Anyone who thinks Brexit is good for Britain probably won’t be voting Liberal Democrat.

“But for the millions of who can now clearly see that Brexit will car crash our economy, make poorer and compromise our kids’ futures, a vote for the is a vote for stopping Brexit and retaining all the economic benefits that EU membership gives us.”

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party unashamedly committed to Remain.

Liberal Democrats Would Cancel Brexit If Elected

“If elected we would cancel Brexit. Then we would set about building a brighter future. If you don.t like that idea, don’t vote for us.”

“Yes, in 2016 we had a referendum in which the country narrowly voted to leave, but weren’t asked how they wanted to leave, and even now Brexiteers still can’t decide whether they want to leave with a deal or without one.”

“What has certainly become clearer to many people is that Brexit isn’t in their long term interests. New information has come to light since 2016, and that they would quite like not to leave after all. Voting Liberal Democrat is their opportunity to stop Brexit.”

“It’s a clear choice between Brexit and Remain.”

“Only the Liberal Democrats speak for Remain. Labour doesn’t know what it wants. It is lost and confused. It doesn’t have a single councillor in the whole of the East Riding and simply can’t win here.”

“If you want to cancel Brexit, if you want a better future for your kids, vote Liberal Democrat on 12 December.”

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  1. Paul, why do you post biased and untrue propaganda and without “crediting” the paper / journalist that wrote it.
    A reasonable article written by an unbiased journalist would start, although Denis Healy has literally no chance of winning against Graham Stuart, him having won a 14K majority last time out, the minority remain vote might be best voting for him as they have taken a blatantly political decision to aim for the minority vote and argue they will prevent Brexit. Meanwhile Labour are desperate to avoid taking any kind of a position for fear of alienating either side whilst effectively irritating both ……..

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