Playing Sports Helps Benefit Mental and Physical Health

Playing Sports Helps Benefit Mental and Physical Health
Playing Sports Helps Benefit Mental and Physical Health

Playing sports like football and cricket offer many benefits, especially for children. In Beverley, there are a host of local clubs offering sports to children.

Sports on offer include football, rugby union, rugby league and also cricket. Clubs like Beverley Town Football Club, for example, not only cater for children but also adults.

Modern lifestyles mean more of us, including children, are spending more time isolated connected to our mobile devices.

This lack of activity and social interaction is having a negative impact on lives in the UK.  Recent studies by the NHS have shown that the obesity levels within young people are on the increase.

In an attempt to tackle the problem the government put forward ideas to tackle the problem. They are investigating the idea of banning snacking on public transport and also hitting unhealthy foods with additional taxes.

But there are more direct actions parents and guardians of young people can take. Participating in sporting activities on a regular basis can help keep weight levels in check.

Our local clubs in Beverley are a hive of activity with hundreds of young people taking part in regular structured activities.

For example, you only have to go to Longcroft School on Sunday morning where you will see hundreds of kids kicking a ball about.

In the summer, at the Norwood Recreation Ground Beverley Town Cricket Club run highly successful softball sessions. These sessions are incredibly popular with both boys and girls.

Funding Is  Key Necessity In Getting More People Playing Sports Locally

We are lucky in this town to have such a great choice of activities. For those who do not like sport, there are also dance groups. Another great way to keep both body and mind fit.

People behind these clubs work tirelessly, volunteering hours of their time to put on these activities. Their work does not stop with just delivering the sessions.

Many professional clubs get financial support from the gaming industry. These firms are ploughing money into sport offering incentives to their customers. 

But while the professionals are well funded, the same can not always be said for local sports clubs. It is not uncommon for a local football team to be in a supermarket packing bags.

Other ways in which funds find their way into supporting our local clubs include grants through the local authority.

All of these things make it possible for young people in the Town to enjoy participating sport. The positive impact clubs are having on our youths physical and mental health should be applauded.

Local Clubs Helping Shape The Youth Of The Town

Sports clubs themselves know that through their efforts they bring benefits to the wider community. One local coach said that one of their key goals was to help shape young people.

He said that while the club may appear to be focused on just delivering sport their work does not stop there. They want their players to be positive role models within the community. They want the players who wear their colours to be respectful good citizens within the town.

It is this attitude from many people who volunteer that is helping shape the very place we. Through their efforts, clubs are helping our young people get off their devices and live a more interactive and fuller life.

It is not just what happens on the field of play that is important. Post-match interaction with other people with similar interests helps build real friendships for life.

Coaches of youth teams in Beverley have in the past pointed out that some young people are losing the art of interacting face to face. 

This is why our local sports clubs in Beverley are a credit to the town. Through getting more people playing sports, they are helping improve the mental and physical health of our youth.

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