Cherry Burton To Get New Rush Hour Bus Service

Cherry Burton To Get New Rush Hour Bus Service
To Get New Rush Hour Bus Service

, MP for and Holderness has welcomed the introduction of a new “rush hour” bus service from to .

The service will start on 11 November and help for commuters coming home from work has been introduced as a result of a request from Mr Stuart to bus company East Yorkshire.

Mr Stuart said;

“I was contacted by residents of who work in and .  The last bus service back to runs at 4.55pm making it impossible for commuters who wish to use to do so.” 

“I raised this with the operator East Yorkshire who were happy to see if there was anything they could do to help.” 

“I am over the moon they have agreed to introduce an additional service from at 5.30pm for commuters travelling home.”

resident Jo Cairns is pleased a new service has been added. While she also hopes that residents in take advantage of the service.

She said;

“I contacted my local MP, about my concerns that the bus services were not able to accommodate those working full time to see if he could look into this issue and arrange for a later bus service to run. I am really pleased that East Yorkshire will be making a later bus available.”  

“Now I hope other residents will be able to benefit from this service as much as I will in order to ensure it is sustainable in the long term.”

, Area Director of at East Yorkshire added;

“At East Yorkshire, we recognise the importance of connecting rural areas to shopping, education and opportunities.”

“When Graham contacted us we looked at the resource we had available and found that we could fit this additional journey in between others.”

“Bus services operate on a commercial basis so we would encourage as many people as possible to use it so that we can ensure that it is viable for the future.”

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