Eviction Notice Served On Boxing Club Is Not The Answer Say LibDems

Eviction Notice Served On Boxing Club Is Not The Answer Say LibDems
Eviction Notice Served On Boxing Club Is Not The Answer Say LibDems

Councillors representing ERYC and Town Council wards are working to broker a solution with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to save .

Liberal Democrat councillors from Beverley Town Council and also ERYC visited the club to offer their support.

Track Fitness and Boxing Club were dealt a knock out blow when ERYC served them with an eviction notice. 

ERYC say that club have made a number of breaches to their lease. While they also say they need the building back to expand ‘Adult Services.’

Cllr said;

“I have met with Jordan who runs the Boxing Club and I am amazed at the outstanding work that the club undertakes in raising the aspirations and fitness levels in this community.”

“The club is certainly a massive community asset. We believe there has to be an alternative to kicking the club out and we are determined to help find it.”

“The last thing we want is the 442 members who are mostly youngsters without somewhere to go on cold, dark nights.”

LibDems Feel Eviction Notice Is Not The Best Solution

Cllr said; 

“Serving this club with an eviction notice isn’t the best solution to this. As the club’s local Councillors, we need to bring all parties around the table to try and find an agreeable conclusion to enable the club to continue.”

“The work they do in supporting the physical and also mental wellbeing of local people, especially young people is amazing. We are not going to stand by and see them closed down without doing our best to find a solution.”

St Mary’s ward Councillors, Linda Johnson, Dave Boynton and Denis Healy are working with their colleagues Tom Astell and Shaun Blencoe in the St Mary’s East Ward of Beverley Town Council.

Their goal is to help find the Boxing club a solution to their current situation.

Track Fitness and Boxing Club have started an online petition as they look to fight the decision. They also hope that the community will get behind them by signing the petition.

To date, thousands of people have signed the petition in support of the boxing club. You can show your support and sign the petition by clicking here.

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