SIAMS Rates St Mary’s School As Excellent Following Inspection

SIAMS Rates St Mary's School As Excellent Following Inspection
SIAMS Rates St Mary’s School As Excellent Following Inspection

SIAMS, Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools has rated St Mary’s School as Excellent. As a CofE school, St Mary’s are inspected to ensure they live up to a certain set of values.

Headteacher Laura Wallis was thrilled with the results. There was a number of key findings made including the school’s exceptional approach to mental health and also wellbeing.

Speaking to .net Mrs Wallis said;

“We are delighted with the outcome of our SIAMS inspection that was held in June and achieving a grading of excellent. Within the East Riding, we are the first school to achieve this status.”

“The findings of the report were extremely pleasing. It was wonderful to hear that the inspectors found that relationships within the school are exemplary. It was also great to hear that the inspector thought that the school leaders do all they can ensure the school’s vision is lived out through an unwavering commitment that all pupils flourish academically and spiritually.”

“We were particularly pleased that the report that we see every child as a unique individual. As a result of that pupils achieve well.”

RE Co-Ordinator Pleased With Inspectors Findings

Mrs Sian Nixon the RE Co-Ordinator at the school said;

“The SIAMS inspection has several strands, two of those areas I was heavily involved with. We were absolutely delighted that the inspectors felt that RE across the school was a safe space across the school to ask questions and explore theological concepts.”

“Pupils at the school enjoy RE and speak with enthusiasm about their learning. They also develop their lessons through the use of big questions exploring ideas and having insightful contributions. They explain there is no right or wrong in the world and gain very well developed options on life and religion. Pupils value every individual regardless of their faith.”

SIAMS Report Highlights Great Work Being Done At St Mary’s School

“The worships within the school are working extremely well. We have five church services a year at St Mary’s Church, working very closely with Becky, the vicar there. She is a close friend and an important part of our team.”

“She also attends the school weekly for vicar worships within the school as well. But the children also experience wonderful activities at the church. This is in addition to these five church services. The children really do view St Mary’s Church as a second home, they are very comfortable there.”

“I am absolutely incredibly proud of the inspector’s findings. They came and observed RE lessons closely. They monitored the books looking in-depth at how we deliver the lessons along with the quality of the work children produce. The inspectors were totally impressed with it.”

At St Mary’s School, they have a worship group made up of children. These students are voted in by their peers. Their role is to be the voice of the children in the school. They also suggest ideas and fun things helping plan things so the worships belong to the children in the school.

Mrs Nixon also says the school are constantly trying to develop the sense of community within and outside of the school. She adds this was also something the inspectors picked up on.

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