Quickline Bringing 5G To Lincolnshire Caravan Parks

Quickline Bringing 5G To Lincolnshire Caravan Parks
Bringing 5G To Lincolnshire Caravan Parks

Internet provider is installing 5G to bring superfast broadband to holidaymakers in Lincolnshire.

It’s all part of a multi-million-pound project partially-funded by the Government to connect poorly-served communities, paving the way for a future rollout of 5G across the UK.

is the lead commercial partner for the 5G Rural Integrated Testbed consortium (5GRIT) and has developed a brand-new infrastructure to trial in caravan parks in Ingoldmells, including Butlins.

developer Alasdair MacLeod, who designed the framework, said:

“We are putting in a brand-new hardware infrastructure, which is totally unique, using 5G from IgniteNet coupled with other technologies like Ubiquiti, which will provide an innovative wireless product for to access. 

“We’ve already positioned telegraph poles across Ingoldmells in a grid structure and we are now preparing to install the electrical cabinets.  Then once our is switched on and all the boxes (or distribution cabinets) are talking to each other, you need to imagine a net covering the entire area – and it’s that netcast between the poles that will allow superfast broadband to reach the caravan sites and allow multiple devices to be used in the same location without interference.”

  anticipates that connectivity testing will start late July.  Fellow 5GRIT partner Lancaster University will then come in to monitor the grid infrastructure to determine performance.  

Steve Davison, Commercial Manager of , said:

“At that point, we can look to start connecting customers.  Our consortium brings together innovative businesses and leading Universities to make the 5G dream a rural reality – and that includes holidaymakers and the industry on the coast of Lincolnshire.  The whole demographic of caravan users has changed in recent years and tourists want to have superfast broadband so that they can take and use their various bits of on holiday, like Xboxes, Sky Go and Netflix.

“Our aim from this trial is to make high-quality connectivity available to all holidaymakers staying in both mobile and static caravans in the Ingoldmells area, including Butlins residents.” 

The 5G Rural Integrated Testbed was made possible through a £1 billion commitment via the Government’s Digital Strategy to keep Britain at the forefront of connectivity by accelerating the deployment of next-generation digital infrastructure and driving forward new 5G business opportunities.

Minister for Digital Margot James said:

“It’s fantastic that 5GRIT is bringing 5G to Butlins. The Government is funding testbeds like this across the country to help realise the innovative ways 5G can benefit our economy and society. That includes exploring how this revolutionary technology can boost Britain’s brilliant experiences.”

For more information about 5GRIT please visit www.5grit.co.uk. 

For more information about Quickline and how they deliver superfast broadband to rural areas, please visit www.quickline.co.uk, call 01482 24-7-365 or email sales@quickline.co.uk.

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