Pasha Has Final Laugh As ERYC Planners Are Overruled

Pasha Has Final Laugh As ERYC Planners Are Overruled
Pasha Has Final Laugh As ERYC Planners Are Overruled

Cllr has welcomed the news that a local business has won their battle with ’s planning committee.

The LibDem Cllr has always supported the local entrepreneur in his quest to diversify his business. After East Riding Council reject his application, Pasha took his battle to the highest level.

Due to his persistence, the Secretary of State overruled local planners. As a result, his application has been approved and will be allowed to open late.

Commenting on the decision Cllr Healy said;

“I am delighted for Pasha. He stood up to an unfair decision by the Council’s Eastern Area planning committee to deny him the opportunity to open a cafe bar with the same opening hours as other establishments in the vicinity.”

“Rather than accepting this decision, Pasha had the courage to refer it to the Government’s planning inspectorate.”

“They agreed that there was no case for treating Pasha differently to other establishments. Indeed the Planning Inspectorate said they gave “limited weight” to the planning committee’s fanciful claims that a tragedy would be caused by people spilling out of Pasha’s coffee bar onto the pavement.”

Pasha Thrilled With Winning His Planning Appeal After Long Fight

“Pasha only ever wanted to offer a quiet late night cafe bar as an alternative to the livelier venues in the same area.”

“It just shows that when the little guy stands up to the might of the planning committee, he can prevail. I am delighted that I was able to help him.”

Pasha said he was thrilled with the decision. His plans for running a Turkish style cafe will now become a reality. Under the agreement, he will be permitted to from 8AM to 11/30PM Sunday to Thursday. While on a weekend he will be permitted to remain open till 1AM.

He thanked Cllr Healy for his support in his long battle with the local authority.  Also, he added that the hard work starts now as he looks to get his venture off the ground.

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