Why You Should Make A Protest Vote At Local Elections

Why You Should Make A Protest Vote At Local Elections
Why You Should Make A Protest Vote At Local Elections

A protest vote at the Local elections in the East Riding is the perfect opportunity for people to be heard.

For many, it will be the first time people can go to the polls and show their discontent at how the Conservatives have let everybody down.

In a region that voted overwhelmingly to leave, it must be deeply frustrating that the UK is still part of the EU.  Leave voters must be wondering how they have been so badly let down by the Tories. I know I would have had I voted to leave the EU.

The reason the UK has not left the EU is down and their weak leadership and inability to deliver on what the people wanted.

Of course, if you were one of the people who locally voted to remain, you too may feel frustrated by the fiasco in Westminster.

So what can be done about it and How To Make A Protest Vote?

Well in East Yorkshire along with a few other locations around the UK we are lucky. We will go to the polls in little over four weeks time. Here we will be selecting the political parties we want to govern.

These are the elections which give everyone a chance to send a clear message back to Westminster. Do this through our local councils at the local elections.

While for some it may be unthinkable to cross a box that is not in favour of a Conservative candidate, think again. You get to vote for three people.

As hard as it may seem, by using just one of those votes to choose another candidate from another party is a good starting point.

Tips On How You Can Make On EU Known With A Protest Vote

Anyone who wanted to remain in EU or who also would like to see another referendum should vote Liberal Democrat. No other party which has representatives in the ERYC elections supports this.

The have been consistent throughout the process that they want the public to have say.

If you voted to leave but are unhappy with how the process has been handled then your protest vote should go to Labour.  Their party is also pro Brexit, but with a slightly softer approach.

Of course, for die-hard Conservative supporters backing Labour may be an unthinkable option. If that is case allocate your protest vote to the Green Party.

But whatever you do, if you are unhappy then do make a protest vote. Of course, nothing stops you from making three protest votes either. 

Why You Should Make A Protest Vote At The Local Elections

If you care about democracy and want people to listen to you then this is your moment. You will not have another chance like this to influence change or send a message to back before Brexit is decided.

Local elections are essentially a free vote and should be treated as such. Even if Labour were to win, for example, Jeremy Corbyn would not become Prime Minister. Oh, and Dianne Abbott would not become Home Secretary! 

It is a struggle to find anyone in the entire country who can honestly say they are happy with the government right now.  Weak leadership coupled with a lack of responsibility has left us all wondering what the future holds.

Single-handedly the Conservatives have slowly begun to cripple our country. This is because they are fighting internally as a party both on a local and national level.

This is why, no matter what your normal political alliance is these local elections are a great opportunity.

On 2 May use your vote to protest at the fiasco that is Brexit. After all, both those who wanted to leave or remain are being well and truly ignored by the Conservatives.

Maybe you too should return the compliment and ignore them.

To quote Roman poet Horace ‘Carpe diem’ – Seize The Moment. This really is our last chance to be heard.

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  1. In Hull we had only Labour Lib Dem Green Part and conservative on the ballot paper I wanted to vote for the Brexit Party where were they

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