Liberal Democrats First Out Of The Blocks At ERYC Local Elections

Liberal Democrats First Out Of The Blocks At ERYC Local Election
First Out Of The Blocks At ERYC Local Election

The were at the head of the queue as nominations for the East Riding council elections officially opened this week.

Nine Liberal Democrat candidates covering all three of the council wards handed in their nomination papers at County Hall within an hour of the nomination window opening.

Speaking outside County Hall after the Liberal Democrat nominations had been accepted, Cllr said;

“It’s been a huge honour to represent our community on the council since 2016.

I’ve done my best to follow up hundreds of issues for local . I’ve been working on getting support for local community groups, saving our green spaces, tackling problems with over-development and fighting to give a stronger voice in their dealings with the council.

“But there is so much more work to be done to keep making our community a great place to live. If we can achieve so much with just one councillor, imagine what it would be like to have nine hard-working Liberal Democrat councillors across and its surrounding villages putting residents first every time.

“For too long County Hall has been dominated by the Conservatives. This May is our chance to change that.

Say Conservatives Have Become Complacent

With over two-thirds of the councillors, the Conservatives have become complacent. They know they don’t need to listen to the opposition – doing whatever they like at County Hall.

“Whatever party support, we can all agree that such dominance by one party isn’t healthy for democracy

“On 2nd May every councillor in the East Riding is up for election. This is our once in four-year chance to have our say – and many are taking the opportunity to vote for real change in County Hall.

“The won the last council election in , and have already proven that we can beat the Conservatives here. More and more are switching to back us this time, to get a fresh face at County Hall.”

Candidate List

St Mary’s

Cllr Dave Boynton

Dave has lived in all of his life.

He works as a Community Nurse for the NHS, based at .

Dave is passionate about wanting to improve and Molescroft for local residents.

He is active in several community groups and is a member of

Linda Johnson

Linda has lived locally for 20 years, the last 18 in Molescroft.

She writes for Just Beverley magazine which keeps her up to date with local issues in the town.

Linda is a Managing Trustee of the Beverley Methodist Circuit, a Governor of East Riding College and is also a local preacher and safeguarding trainer.

Linda is a regular volunteer at many of the festivals in Beverley.


Denis has been an East Riding Councillor since a by-election win in October 2016.

In his time as our Councillor, Denis has built a strong reputation for standing up for in our area.

Denis has led campaigns to protect local green spaces and to get more funding for local projects. He has a strong reputation for getting things done for local residents.

Denis has lived in the Beverley area for over 30 years.

His full time job working for a professional engineering institution helping engineers and apprentices in local companies.

Minster & Woodmansey


Peter has lived in Beverley for over thirty years.

He has represented the Minster North ward on for eight years, and has served two terms as Beverley’s mayor.

Peter is well known to residents, has a deep understanding of the issues faced by our town and has been involved with many local charities.

Peter is ready to serve the local with all the enthusiasm and passion he has always shown.

Cllr Tom Astell

Tom has been a town councillor in Beverley since 2015, standing up for our community and representing residents views.

Tom represented 36,000 young people in the East Riding, serving as a Member of Youth Parliament.

Tom is Beverley born and raised, now living with his partner, Alex.

Tom is proud of our town and wants to get a better deal for our community from County Hall.

Bob Morgan

Bob was born in Beverley and is an ex police inspector and community worker.

Having returned to Beverley three years ago, he is a foster carer together with wife, Ann.

Bob has been active in town councils for many years, previously elected as a councillor.

He has the experience and commitment to fight for our community.

Beverley Rural

Cllr Alison Healy

Alison is the Chair of Leconfield Parish Council. She works hard to get the best for residents from East Riding Council.

Alison is also a member of St Michael’s church in Cherry Burton, and has strong links to Cherry Burton through church and school.

Alison is a teacher in a local comprehensive school and lives in Leconfield with her family.

Diana Stewart

Diana is a retired district nurse working in the rural villages, where she learned at first hand about the issues that are important to villagers.

She is a strong campaigner for better transport links, which is a big concern for villagers, and she is also working to reduce social isolation; another village problem.

Diana lives in Newbald with her husband, Hamish, where she is a member of the Parochial Church Council at St Nicholas’s church.

Hamish Stewart

A retired business man, Hamish has spent a lifetime working for British companies, travelling and selling around the world.

Hamish raised thousands of pounds for the local church renovation project with a water pilgrimage around the country.

He has also raised money for the local youth centre by creating a project which involves young people collecting apples to make apple juice and pies. Hamish and Diana are true community campaigners who understand the challenges and joys of rural village life.

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