Mock Job Interview Day At Local School Proves To Be Huge Success

Mock Job Interview Day At Local School Proves To Be Huge Success
Mock Job Interview Day At Local School Proves To Be Huge Success

students have scored a major success with the school’s annual Mock Job Interview Day.  All Year 11 students prepare for and attend a mock job interview with a local employer.

In order to make the interview process as realistic as possible, the students submitted their CV before the interview. Interviewers were also given a copy of the students’ most recent school report.

This was so they could ascertain predicted GCSE grades and the student’s levels of punctuality and attendance.

The students were asked a series of typical questions in an interview that lasted approximately 25 minutes.

Following their interview students were then given verbal and written feedback. This included the quality of their responses, their body language and non-verbal communication. Feedback was also given on the standard of their CVs.

Lee Hamshaw, Beverley Grammar School’s Careers Leader, said:

“The students really do benefit from taking part in an interview with real employers. At Beverley Grammar School, we work tirelessly to ensure that our students are prepared for life after school.”

“Experience of the interview process is excellent preparation for the boys for when they enter the world of work.”

For many of the students, this was the first time that they had experienced a job interview situation. As a result, many of them were, understandably, rather nervous.

Mock Job Interview Day Made Possible Thanks To Support From Host Of Companies

However, the students acquitted themselves admirably and received exceptionally positive feedback from their interviewers.

Mock interview day is one of the many activities that Beverley Grammar School undertakes as part of their commitment to students. It is part of the careers education advice and guidance offered by the school.

This will reassure students, parents and future employers that the recent Quality in Career Standard awarded to the Grammar school by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership was well deserved.

Mr Hamshaw added;

“A special thanks go to Rob MacNaught of RB, the Enterprise Advisor for Beverley Grammar School. He sourced all of the colleagues from the world of work. The day would not have been possible without his substantial assistance.”

“We are also grateful to the companies for their support. Those who supported the event included Fenner Dunlop, The , Smith and Nephew and .”

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