Drivers Face £70 For Obstructing Dropped Kerbs

Drivers Face £70 For Obstructing Dropped Kerbs
Drivers Face £70 For Obstructing Dropped Kerbs

Drivers whose parking obstructs dropped kerbs will now be faced with a £70 fine.

says the campaign which goes live in March is an attempt to tackle inconsiderate parking.

In a statement released said;

“Parking officers in the East Riding are launching a campaign to encourage drivers not to block pedestrian crossings when they park.”

“Blocking crossings can cause serious problems for wheelchair users, mobility scooters, parents with prams and pushchairs. While it also affects people with sight problems and elderly pedestrians needing to cross the road.”

The council is urging drivers to be more considerate and think about how and where they park. They want motorists to ensure they do not block crossings where there is dropped kerb.

They added;

“Motorists who park across dropped kerbs risk receiving a £70 fixed penalty notice from the council for causing an obstruction.”

The council say they that their civil enforcement team will be issuing warning notices ahead of the campaign going live.

For a four week period starting this month all vehicles, they see parking across dropped kerbs will be issued with a notice.

Actual fines will be issued by civil enforcement officers from the 11 March. All motorists who are found to be obstructing a dropped kerb will be hit with a £70 penalty.

They added;

“The vast majority of drivers park sensibly, but a few inconsiderate drivers park without thinking of the problems they can cause.

“So we are running this campaign through our civil enforcement officers in the hope that drivers take notice and realise careless parking can cause a real problem for pedestrians.

“Those drivers who continue to park over these crossings could face a £70 fine.”

Obstructing Dropped Kerbs Is An Offence

The council also wishes to remind drivers that it is an offence to park blocking a kerb which has been lowered.

These include a pedestrian crossing, access to business premises where a white ‘H’ bar appears. Also, it applies to access to a driveway in a residential area.

Above all, they say that parking on pedestrian crossings is a priority. However, they also warn that civil enforcement officers can be taken to enforce all three.

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