Cold Weather Driving Tips From Beverley Motor Works

Cold Weather Driving Tips From Beverley Motor Works
Cold Weather Driving Tips From Motor Works

Cold weather driving can be testing. As temperatures plummet and conditions on the road turn icy what can you do to ensure you do not get caught out behind the wheel.

We spoke to Beverley Motor Works owner for some tips for drivers to use while behind the wheel during these testing conditions.

Explaining some of the dangers motorists face during icy conditions he said;

“It may sound obvious but the first thing to do is slow down. You also need to allow more time to complete your journey.”

“When it comes to your car you should always check you have enough screenwash in the car. This really does need to have some level of anti-freeze content.”

“During cold weather, it is also worthwhile checking your battery is in good condition. They use a lot more power when the temperature drops. A good tip is to try and make a long journey to keep them charged up.”

“Locks on cars can also freeze up during these cold snaps. A simple solution to tackling this is to apply some lubricant, like WD40 to help prevent this happening.”

“Ice on the road is a real hazard too. Even if a road has been gritted I would advise leaving a bigger gap between yourself and the car in front. This will help if you do break and hit a patch of ice.”

Cold Weather Driving – Things You Should Keep In The Car 

Aside from driving tips during these cold periods, it is worth preparing. Fuel where possible should be kept topped up in case you get stuck. Also carrying extra things in your car should you become stranded is a good idea.

Items like extra clothing, blankets, water, shovel and spare screen wash are useful things to have in case you run into difficulties.

Richard added;

“If you are unsure about any of these things we can offer a free winter check on your car. These checks will help ensure the vehicle you are driving is in the best possible shape for these cold conditions.”

“We have created a list of winter care car tips on our web site. It is certainly something I would urge all motorist to read.”

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