MP Praises Community For Coming Together To Save Post Office

MP Praises Community For Coming Together To Save Post Office
MP Praises Community For Coming Together To Save

has praised the community for pulling together over the proposed relocation of the in .

Mr Stuart joined Union Members and members from all political persuasions in as they look to put pressure on the to rethink their plans.

The MP for and Holderness says that he is yet to meet anyone in the Town who thinks the plan to relocate the to WH Smith is a good idea.

He also raised his concerns over accessibility the new location will provide to disabled .

Speaking to .net Mr Stuart said;

“First off I just want to say how good it is to have coming together from CWU, Unite from Labour, and . Bringing the whole community together is sending a message to the to ask them to think again.”

“You can’t find anyone regardless of who they support politically or where they live in the Town who does not think that by moving from the Crown Post Office into WH Smith it will not diminish the quality of service here.”

“That is why it is so important that as a community we unite and send one message. That message is we want them to think again, we can do so and we can make a difference.”

Mr Stuart says that it is not up to the government to deal with the issue. He feels it is up to the community to put pressure on the postal service. He said;

Post Office Decision Not The Fault Of Government 

“The government view is that the Post Office has to run its self. It has tight financial guidelines it has to work in a market where email goes up and letters go down, it’s a changing market.”

“But within that, it does not stop us in this community to lobbying the who run that business any more than any other government agency.”

“The post office has to run that business, and we as a community are customers of the post office. If they want a business going forward then we are entirely entitled and have the legal right to feedback and that is why I am working cross-party and with unions to send that message.”

“If you wanted a view of the world where you nationalise absolutely everything then, of course, the government would be in control. Then you could lobby the Prime Minister. But it’s not the Prime Minister or any other Minister that has played any part in what should happen in it’s the post office.”

“That is why we are lobbying the post office. We are demanding they provide a popper and thorough consolation process which is why we are working with all the other groups. We are trying to make sure we put the strongest possible case for Post Office. I want it to remain as it is but with new ensuring disable can drive up outside as they can now.”

Mr Stuart is urging members of the public to a public meeting being held next week. He wants to see the community to keep up the fight.

He says what he wants to see as a resolution to this issue is a refurbished improved enabled Crown Post Office. Not a one inside WH Smith.

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