Health Secretary is Mr Scrooge Says Labour’s George McManus 

Health Secretary is Mr Scrooge Says Labour's George McManus 
Health Secretary is Mr Scrooge Says Labour’s George McManus

Local Labour Party member George McManus has called the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, Mr Scrooge. His comments following the government’s announcement to slash public spending on health.

Mr McManus says that the latest round of spending cuts will have a devastating effect. He is also concerned that they will hit some of the most venerable in the community.

Government officials made the announcement just before Christmas on the final day of Parliament. While the timing was questionable, there was also no debate.

has also confirmed that money allocated to Local  Authorities in the next financial year will be cut by a £85m. 

George McManus,  a member of in Beverley said;

“It’s outrageous.  The government are sneaking out further  devastating cuts without parliamentary debate.”

“It’s the clearest evidence that what ministers say is not matched by what they do.”

“We don’t yet know what will be the impact locally but  the Local Government Association has condemned the cuts only a day after the Office of National Statistics announced that 597 homeless people have died in the last year.”  

“The Health Secretary really is this year’s answer to Mr Scrooge.”

Labour Party Brands Health Secretary As Mr Scrooge 

Earlier in the month the MP for Beverley & Holderness, welcomed additional funding for local health services.

He said at the time this showed the government was committed to health. He also said the £19M awarded to Hull Royal Infirmary would help provide better patient care.

Mr McManus says that the cuts will impact a range of services that are delivered locally.  These services include support for mental health and sexual health. Mr Manuas also says anti-smoking and addiction schemes will also feel the pinch.

Studies show that that mental health issues in the UK continue to grow. Women are more likely to suffer from mental health problems while men are more likely to take their own lives.

Figures also show that while 23pc of the NHS is spent dealing with mental health, only 11pc is covered by budgets.

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