Xanax – Warning Issued As Addiction Numbers Rise

Xanax Addiction
Xanax Addiction

Parents are being urged to keep an eye on children following an increase in the use of the drug Xanax.

Studies have shown that the number of young people using the tranquiliser has doubled in the past year. Reports of the use of Xanax locally has also grown.

Xanax is the brand name for the drug alprazolam, a benzodiazepine. It is usually prescribed for anxiety or panic attacks though some are using it for recreation.

Public Health bosses are concerned that people may be using counterfeit versions of the drug. These can often be laced with other substances. 

East Riding of Yorkshire Council said;

“We have been receiving increasing reports that this drug is being used in the East Riding at the moment.”

“The reports include instances where this drug has been taken by children and young people. This follows national evidence for an increase in use by young people.”

“Effects of using this drug are sedating and disassociating, while also giving a mildly hallucinogenic effect.”

“Users can also experience less welcome side effects. These include confusion, memory loss, loss of inhibition and poor decision-making.”

“The greatest concern is that Xanax is fast acting. This increases the risk of overdose and is also more dangerous if taken with alcohol, a particular concern with the Christmas party season upon us.”

“There is the risk of developing a dependency to them if they are used regularly as with all drugs.”

“There is also a concern that some tablets sold are counterfeits. These may contain other drugs, possibly other types of benzodiazepines and synthetic cannabinoids known as spice.”

“Our advice is not to take these or any drugs. Xanax is dangerous and anyone considering using it should be aware that.”

Reports Of Xanax Use Have Increased Locally

The council also say that there mixing the drug with other substances can harmful. They also warn people that mixing it with alcohol can also be harmful.

Cannabis remains the most common drug used by young people in the UK according to the report. Xanax, however, showed the highest growth rate for misuse among young people with more having to seek treatment.

Furthermore, supplying people with these drugs is illegal. Anyone who suspects people of dealing these drugs should consider reporting it to the police.

Xanax – Responsible For Thousands Of Deaths

While a growing problem in the UK, in the USA the use of Xanax has left thousands of people dead. In November 2017 rapper Lil Peep died after he overdosed on the drug.

Figures also show that in the UK 113 people died after taking Xanax in 2016. It is not only an overdose that can kill but also withdrawing from the drug can prove lethal.

Withdrawal from the drug is known to have caused seizers in the user and extreme paranoia. 

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