Brévelay Mayor Impressed With Beverley And Its Minster

Brévelay Mayor Impressed With Beverley And Its Minster
Brévelay Mayor Impressed With And Its Minster

Mayor of St. Jean Brévelay  Guénaël Robin says he was impressed by and the team there.

His comments come following a visit to where he exchanged gifts the Mayor of Cllr .

While in the town Guénaël was given a tour of while he also visited other locations of interest in the town.

“I have been hoping to visit for many years and I was very impressed by the beauty and size of the Minster.”

“Also, I was amazed by the incredible knowledge of our tour guide.  I have learned so much about St Jean and the history of the Minster. I will be able to take all this knowledge back with me to France.”

In the church in St. Jean Brévelay there is an altarpiece depicting St. Jean with a bust and a statue which has been there since 1690.

The Mayor of St. Jean Brévelay was also very warmly received by Canon David Grant of St John of Catholic Church.

Brévelay Mayor Impressed With Beverley And Its Minster

Brévelay Mayor And Town Clerk Interested In Discovering More Links

While there he was presented with a beautifully framed copy of the stained glass window in the church depicting St. John.

Guénael Robin also visited Hills in California earlier this year as this too was established by followers of St John. 

Commenting on the visit, Cllr Pearson said;

“It was my pleasure to welcome my counterpart from Brévelay, Guénaël Robin and show him around , with the expert guidance from Sam and other Minster volunteers.”

“For me, it was also very interesting to learn how Brévelay came to be named and its links to our fine historic market town.”

“Guénaël presented us with a gift to mark his visit to the town for which we were very grateful. Our visitors were most impressed with the Christmas Tree Festival. They were also impressed with the Sand Sculpture of St John of Beverley.”

Following the visit, Guénaël and the town clerk of Beverley, said they were both interested in establishing whether there are other towns in the world with the same links.

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